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Choosing the right dining table for your dining space


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Dining area, is a common room, where the whole house gathers to share their day over food. Other than having routine meals, the dining area is also used amply during the leisurely hours, for sitting and chatting by the members, and for playing by the children.
A quintessential segment of the dining room is the perfect dining table, which facilitates all the above mentioned activities. Hence, appropriate selection of the dining table is a task of great significance to the homeowners. If too small, it may not serve its purpose, whereas an oversized one may unnecessarily clutter the whole room.
For all those looking forward to buy a dining table anytime soon, here is the checklist by leading interior designers to that oh-so-perfect dining table for your home.

Checklist for choosing right dining table:

  • Keep in mind the dining room dimensions
Accurate measurement of the dining room, with an eye for its minute details is the first step for selecting the right dining table. The shape, size and design of the dining table should blend well with the room decor. Space between the wall and other furniture to the dining table with margin for moving all chairs , and the number of chairs required should also be noted before going for a suitably sized dining table. 
  • Consider the seating arrangement of the table
It is essential to assess the seating arrangement before purchasing a dining table. In general, a 4-6 people seater table has to be up to 4ft/6ft in dimensions. Also of importance is the material of the dining table. For example, if also used as a kids’ study, a wooden or scratchproof top is more practical than a glass top.
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  • Decide on the shape of the table
Considering the space left inside the room after accommodating all furniture, decide on the shape of the dining table. A square dining table is recommended for smaller dining room options whereas a round shaped dining tableoffers formal ambience. Rectangular shape of the dining table goes well with a dining room that will host an informal gathering joined by  quite a number of people.
  • Budget and preferences
Pre-deciding and formulating a budget well in advance is also of essence. Depending on the material the cost will also vary, as a wooden table is obviously more pricey than a synthetic one. Hence, keeping in mind the use and the durability of the table alongside other factors like the desired look and frequency of its use, the price cap should be set.
  • Extension Tables
You may not need a large table right now, but if you’re family is growing and you occasionally like to break bread with a larger crowd, an extension table with a self-storing leaf is the answer. An extension table is also ideal if you are hosting parties frequently.  The only word of caution here is that you measure when the extension leaf is in the table – that way you’ll know it still fits in your dining room.

Some quick tips to help you buying your dining table:

  • Always keep in mind the free space for your dining table available in the dining room while making plans to buy a new dining table.
  • If there are small kids in your house, go for round or oval shaped table, so that they will not get hurt with the edgy table corners.
  • Comfortable chairs and shape of chairs are as important as the dining table design.
  • Avoid glass tops if there are kids at home, as it is easy to get scratch
  • Buying a table with a pedestal base provides more leg room. The table legs and chairs will not get tangled also.
  • Most dining tables are around 30 inches high and chairs around 18 inches. This allows for comfortable lap and legroom. A general rule of thumb is to allow at least 12 inches between the seat of your chair and your tabletop.
  • Choosing chairs that offers comfort as well as space saving is equally important while choosing the table.
  • If having an open floor plan, interior designers suggest opting for a table that blends with your home’s theme.
  • Interior designers also suggest a chic contrast by using a rustic table in a modern space or a bold minimalist table as a trend.
  • In many studio apartments of home interiors, glass and acrylic tables are widely used.
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All of the above mentioned speculations and applications come under the interior design domain, so ensure that the dining table you select is durable, comfortable, safe to use, and in tune with the furniture decor of the entire house. For creating that special dining table that you have had in mind for some time now, plan and draw the table’s layout for getting your very own designer table made.
  1. Kathryn Kinsley 7 years ago

    My husband and I recently decided to get rid of the dining table. We now eat at our counter with stools.

  2. Erin Howard 7 years ago

    Super helpful post! We're moving into a new house soon, so I'll have to save this page for future reference! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  3. NoBlandMakeup 7 years ago

    This os really helpful! I'm moving next year so I'll definitely keep this in mind. You never really think of how important a dining table is until you need to rethink your space.

  4. The ideal dinning table for me is a square, clear glass one ♥ With black details and clear glass chairs with black leather seat xx
    xoxo My Life as Foteini / Foteini Karagianni ♥

  5. Ana Ojha 7 years ago

    Some great insights on choosing a perfect dinning table! I like round dining table as it makes family dinner more interactive!

  6. Alison Rost 7 years ago

    We entertain a lot and our dining room table is really the heart of our home. Ina Garden always says to buy one that is round and will seat six. They're the best for dinner parties because everyone can see and talk to each other

  7. Great tips on choosing a dining table. My husband insisted we get a glass one – big mistake lots of scratches on it now. I plan to show him this so he has a better idea for next time x

  8. David Elliott 7 years ago

    These are great ideas when trying to consider what you want in a dining table. I admit that I am not very good at selecting like that. Put me in a kitchen and I will cook all day. But trying to deal with the home decor scares me a bit I admit.

  9. Her Life 7 years ago

    I would love to get a table custom made. It makes for such a great addition to the family haha. Luckily I haven't bought a dining table yet but I'm glad I came here before I did.

  10. You know for those myself included in this, you can forget to actually mesaure the size of the room/space that your new dining table is gong to go in. As soonas you see something you love, we can become to excited

  11. Wow great

  12. Sure you will find a great dinning table for your new home. Thanks for saving my article for the same.

  13. Yeah, it is really important to think of space before buying dining table.

  14. Ohhh nice

  15. Thanks ana for liking my article

  16. Yes Alison, round one is best for parties as all people on dining table can interact with each other.

  17. Wow, it's been my pleasure if your husband like this tips for choosing dining table next time.

  18. It's nice to hear, hope so you will bought the best dining table for your home with my tips.

  19. Yeah lindey, we all forget the other things when we she the things we love and we buy that also because of excitement.

  20. great tips on choosing a perfect dinning table, liked these pics though 🙂

  21. Cassidy Slockett 7 years ago

    These are some great tips, both for style and for functionality. I'm a minimalist, but also super messy when it comes to eating!

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