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Three Ways to Make a Commuter Lifestyle Work For Your Small Business


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As a small business owner, you may have opted to live in the suburbs and commute into the city for business meetings. The commuter lifestyle gives you the freedom to invest more money into your business because of reduced rent—you’re saving rent in two crucial ways: by running your business from home, you avoid expensive office rent, and by living in a less expensive area, your home will cost you much less.

That said, commuting has its downsides for an emerging entrepreneur. While the lifestyle makes financial sense when you’re trying to cut costs in your business model, the hours you spend on the train or in traffic could take their toll on your energy levels. When you’re thinking of throwing in the towel, these benefits of commuting for entrepreneurs will help you recommit to your decision.

Get Business Savvy

If you spend hours on the train, scrolling social media, why not ditch the time-wasting activities and use the opportunity to stay up to date with relevant business trends? Educating yourself about your industry is a great way to get an edge over your competitors. In this sense, your decision to base your business outside of the city becomes an advantage.

Studies show that spaced learning—short bursts of intense learning broken up by long breaks—is one of the most effective ways to improve your knowledge. So when you apply this insight to your daily commute, those hours you spend staring out the window could be the perfect time to listen to a small business podcast or read an informative blog post. And you needn’t read only the most relevant content for your business. As an entrepreneur, you’ll do well to develop a broad knowledge of business trends, and the more clued-up on the economy you are, the better!

Day-Dream About Your Work

Recent studies show that there are significant benefits for people who use the hours spent on their daily commute to think constructively about their daily work and their careers. Columbia Business School published ground-breaking research demonstrating that thinking constructively about your job on the way to work can help you avoid the energy drain that commuting usually brings, as well as enhancing your work satisfaction. It’s worth emphasizing that anxiety and worry don’t count, though. Try to think beyond your day-to-day concerns and think about your goals for the business and the long-term achievements that motivate you to keep going.

Day-Dream About Your Work

Weight Loss

One final perk of the commuter lifestyle that you can consider a bonus: weight loss. (Note: this only applies if you use public transport, though.) Research has shown that commuters 15% less likely to be overweight than people who drive into work. If you’ve heard of the 10 000 steps movement, you’ll recognise that those extra ten to fifteen minutes of walking you do to the station or bus stop every day adds up to a significant impact on your long-term health goals. 

Whether you hop on the train or take the bus, the hours you spend on your commute can drag you down. These benefits will renew your sense of why you’ve opted for the commuter lifestyle, and show you how your commute can benefit your business.

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