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In today’s global world, traveling has become much easier and no matter where you are, it is constantly told that traveling will open your eyes to a brand new world and broaden your horizons.

While it is true that traveling is such an exciting and beneficial experience, the preparation for it might drive some people crazy. There are many things to consider when you are about to leave your comfort zone and enter a new, strange environment.

One of the most common problems that people often claim is to pack their bags. There are too many things that they want to carry with them, but space is always limited.

Therefore, it is important to make a list of some necessary items that you must have for an amazing trip.

What to Bring when Travelling

1) Good Backpack

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The first thing that is required in every circumstance is a great backpack, which contains everything. Thus, it is important to pay much attention to this item.

The style of your trip will determine which type of bag you need. For example, many people are in more favor of hybrid backpack or wheelie bag because it requires less energy to carry.

If you travel solo and go to many unexplored places, the recommendation will be a backpack. It enables you to move even in rough terrains and conditions.

2) Good Shoes
Normally, we experience some kinds of sports when traveling, such as hiking or visiting many places. It means that we have to walk or move a lot and a pair of good shoes will make it much easier.

You had better make a great investment in shoes and also good socks because they are essential for your movement. You do not want your feet to hurt or be swollen after the whole day.
Also, flip flops are also a great suggestion, and they can be used in many casual cases.

On the contrary, you should not bring something that you probably do not use during the whole trip, such as high heels. They bring discomforts when we have to walk for long. Remember that the amount of luggage is always limited.

3) Silk Sleep Bag Liner
Even though sleep bag is extremely popular among travelers, we strongly recommend silk sleep bag liners instead. They are particularly helpful because they provide much more warmth.

It would be much useful if you intended to sleep at somebody’s house or outside. The family might bring beach tent for their vacation, but sleep bag will be a great item for solo travelers to enjoy the beauty of sea at night.

However, you should also take this into consideration. If you plan to stay at hostel or hotels, they are not necessary. In fact, there are many hostels everywhere that cost you very little.

4) Rain Jacket
This is one of the most important things that will save you in many circumstances. Even in the case, you plan to go in the best season with the sun and wind; rain can always happen.

Therefore, a rain jacket will protect not only you but also your backpack from getting wet. You can go for a stylish rain jacket, but do not forget to check whether it is waterproof or not.

Even though umbrellas look beautiful and are suitable for visiting cities, you should invest in a pack cover if you go to the mountain, for example.

5) Camera/Smartphone

Camera/Smartphone (Photo Credit: via

Along with the technological innovations in recent years, people are more likely to use their Smartphone to capture moments when traveling. If you are fascinated by photography, you can invest in a camera.

It will help to record what happens during your trip and enable you to recall it anytime later. Also, for those who are popular on social media, photos will keep their life updated.

6) Travel Adapter
The universal multi-adapter is one of the necessary items for traveling as well. Each country has its type of adapter, and you should prepare it so that your Smartphone never goes out of battery.

Even though you can always purchase it at the airport or local stores, the price might be higher, not to mention the case that it is not available everywhere.

7) First-aid Kit

First-aid Kit (Photo Credit: via

Even when you are a very careful person, things can always go wrong when you travel. Therefore, it is necessary to bring the first-aid kit with you.

You can start with some basic kits that can be purchased from any pharmacy. Then, add some other medicines for your trips, such as ibuprofen, hand sanitizer, insect repellent or condoms.

You had better know your health conditions very well so that you can prepare the best. If you suffer from any disorder, make sure that you always have your medicine along with you.

8) Ear Plugs
Ear plugs will protect you from many annoying situations, such as a loud crowd or snoring dorm mates. It is much more useful than we can imagine at home.

Thus, you should bring several pairs with you. They can be found easily at any supermarket or pharmacy.

9) Travel Towel
A travel towel is usually considered as one of the heaviest and biggest items for travelers. However, you do not need to bring the really big one.

The main purpose of it is to help you dry yourself and prevent any skin infection. Therefore, you can choose something light and soft enough to take good care of your skin.

Although most hotels and dorms will provide towel for their customers, it is better if you always have your own on the way.

10) Kindle
Although I am not a big fan of eBooks, I must admit that Kindle is a necessary item when I travel. As the luggage is limited, we cannot bring a series of books.

Therefore, the best way to entertain us, especially when alone, is to read some good books on Kindle.

In general, traveling undeniably has amazing effects on our life. Sometimes, it might be a twist that completely changes our perspective.

You can minimize the discomforts on the trip by checking necessary items before departure. They not only make your trip more memorable but also protect you from many risks. 

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