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7 Ways for Sassy Singles to Celebrate Valentine’s Day!!


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Well Sassy Peeps, Valentine’s Day is only a few days away and I am sure it is stirring up various types of emotions in just about everyone. I have several married friends who are super excited to send their kiddies off to moms, so they can enjoy a romantic dinner with the hubby, and do some well needed snuggling. I also have friends who are anxiously hoping their boyfriends will surprise them with something huge like a lovely piece of jewelry or a nice trip to the spa. Then you have the sassy singles, such as me, who are either dreading the next few days or looking forward to them.
I used to be #Teamdread during the month of February. However, over the past few years I decided to change my way of thinking, and instead of dreading this time take advantage of it and enjoy! Don’t get me wrong I am looking forward to the day when my soul mate arrives, but until then I have decided to enjoy my me time as much as possible. I figure I would rather be happy and single than with the wrong person and miserable. My last relationship lasted for six years and five of them was one big ball of misery. So, on that note I welcome any holiday that reminds me to celebrate myself. 
So ladies and gents, if you are feeling some type of way about being single on V-Day it’s understandable, but chill out and just know that the right person is out there. They are going to show up when you least expect, but until that happens ENJOY YOUR SINGLENESS and roll with it! Check out a few things that I love doing alone or with my single friends on Valentine’s Day. 
Fly Ride 101
Ladies and Gents, my #1 suggestion is to buy, lease, rent or borrow your ideal fly ride. Take it from me, when you grab one of your single besties and you guys are rolling through town in your dream vehicle, being single is the last thing on your minds. HA! Crank up the sounds and bend those corners with pride. #SassySingleness! Furthermore, with all of the attention you will receive you just might find your soul mate. LOL! Hey! You never know what God has in store for you!!! 
Send Love Someone Else’s Way
Although you are probably OK with your singleness, there may be someone in your tribe that is still struggling. So spread the love and send them a nice bouquet of flowers, some chocolates, and a funny card to make them laugh or just call to wish them a Happy Valentine’s Day. I guarantee it will put a smile on their face.
Volunteering is another way of sending love someone‘s way. Try to find your local charity and volunteer. You wilfeel all warm and fuzzy inside simply because you did something special for someone.
Take a Flight or Go Road Trippin
Find a hot spot in another city/state or country and spend the day/weekend or week. Catch a flight or gas up that super fly ride, crank up the music and hit the road. It doesn’t matter if you go alone or with a handful of your other single peeps…Just go have a good time! You won’t be sorry!
Spa and/or Do Something Adventurous 
Who doesn’t love a spa day! Getting your mind and body worked over will leave you feeling refreshed and ready to take on the world! Or you could do something adventurous like scuba dive/bungee jump. #HowFun! If you decide to go with adventurous take me! LOL!

Shopping Please
Go shopping! Buy something you have been drooling over and Rock It!
Last but not least, grab your other single friends and head off to the movies. I had to include this one because I am such a fan of going to the movies. I usually go alone, but in this case I think going with friends would be so fun. There are tons of flicks out right now! So you guys can’t go wrong!
Remember sassy singles life is about choices and you have the choice to make it GREAT! Yes! We all want someone to call our own, but we want to make sure they are the right someone. However, until then…ENJOYYYYY YOUR SINGLENESS! And thank God you are here to see another day!!!!
Love you guys!!! 
Happy V-Day!!!!! And Remember to Always…
Stay Sassy!

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