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The Answers To Common Questions About Polarized Sunglasses


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We’re all familiar with the term ‘polarized sunglasses’, and most people understand that polarized means eliminating annoying glare. However, there are still many people who still have unanswered questions about this, so here are the answers to a few of the most common questions about polarized sunglasses.

1. Does polarized mean UV protected?

The simple answer is no, polarized does not mean protected against UV, so aside from looking for the word ‘polarized’, you should also be looking for UV400, which gives you complete UV protection.

2. Are darker lenses better?

Not necessarily. It is a common myth that the darker the lenses, the more protection you have, when in fact, it depends on whether the lenses are polarized and whether they are UV rated.

3. Does the color or shade of the lenses make any difference?

While the color or shade of the lenses does not alter your eye protection, certain shades do offer advantages. Grey is great for outdoor sports, as it removes all glare and gives crystal clear vision. Green improves the natural balance of colors, ideal for fishing. You will notice that a lot of mens polarized sunglasses are of grey or green tint, which makes all the difference in most environments.

4. Is there such a thing as unbreakable sunglasses?

There are sunglasses that are tested under extreme conditions, which offers you a high level of durability, and although they are not technically unbreakable, they can withstand most things. Over the years, issues like losing tiny hinge screws and frames shattering have been resolved and a pair of designer sunglasses should be able to handle the day to day activities without any issues.

5. Are all sunglasses polarized?

If a pair of sunglasses have polarized lenses, this will be advertised, so look for the word ‘polarized’, which ensures the lenses have a Polaroid coating, which cuts out glare. It really isn’t worth considering sunglasses that are not polarized, as they cannot compare and, in some environments, ordinary sunglasses can distort your vision, or cause momentary blindness. If you look for UV400 and the word ‘polarized’, you can be sure that your sunglasses offer you the very best in eye protection.

6. Does the word ‘Polaroid’ refer to a company?

In 1932, a man by the name of Edwin H. Land invented polarized film and he and some investors formed the Polaroid Corporation, which went on to be very successful, right up until the 1990s. Then a decline saw the Polaroid Corporation file for bankruptcy in 2001. The name Polaroid Eyewear was purchased by an Italian sunglass manufacturer in 2011 and any sunglasses that are called ‘polarized’ use that special Polaroid film.

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