Roofing: Importance, Materials and Methods


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If foundation is the key for the safety of a building, roof is the key for the safety of its occupants. Besides, adding to the beauty of the construction, a roof shields the occupants from weather conditions, animals and literally from everything outside the boundary of the house. It serves the purpose of one of the basic needs for living which are food, clothing and shelter. While evaluating the roof of your building, three primary things need to be scored are,
  • Covering of the roof, as it is responsible for keeping the house dry.
  • The structure as it supports the roof and helps restoring the shape of it.
  • Connections between the walls and roof structure.
These factors define how structurally sound your roof is, how resistant it is to the different weather conditions and how good a protection is offered to you. It is important to have good roofing, as it will be in position for years to come despite all the odds. It should be made with utmost care as it should not collapse, causing both physical and financial damages and it should not, under any circumstances, fail the remaining structure of the building.

Types of roofing materials

Roof is one structure of the building, which you cannot afford to repair. But, if there is a problem, you may have to spend a fortune sorting it out but, at the same time if it is neglected, it may raise safety concerns for both the building and its occupants. Hence, it is best to give due importance to the materials used and other things, while the roof is being constructed.
For something of such high importance, there are quite a lot of options available, of which a few are,
  • Thatch is one of the most common roofing materials. In this type of roof, plant stalks are overlapped in layers to form a cover.
  • Ceramic tiles have also gained popularity because of its high durability. It is slightly overpriced though. 
  • Metal roofing, as the name suggests, is made of a metal of any kind to form the top most layer.
  • Concrete roof is one of the most common roofs you will come across. This has concrete cement as the roofing material.

Roofing methods        

Depending up on the roofing material you choose, there are several ways to lay your roof. Some of them are asphalt shingles, metal roof, flat roof, wood shakes, tile shingles, and cedar shingles. Besides, choosing the type and material of roof, there is another major concern, which is deciding the shape of the roof. Choosing a roof shape can completely alter the appearance of your building. Also, good shaped roof ascertains proper drainage. With a proper roof shape, rain harvesting is also guaranteed. Some of the roof shapes, which you can come across, are:
  • Gambrel
  • Flat
  • Jerkin head
  • Pyramid tip
  • Hip and valley
  • Hexagonal gazebo
  • Salt box
A few builders also offer you a provision of combining two roof shapes and customizing your own.

Roofing contractors

For anyone, who has been looking to construct building, ’illegal contractors’ are no new term. Though they may quote a much lower price than the legal roofing contractors, but they may not provide the quality that is expected. Therefore, it is always advised to hire an authorized person, as they are experienced, know the business well and they also provide insurance in case of any calamities. You can also sign a legal contract before beginning the work, which helps in avoiding any unnecessary disputes later on. This also strengthens the reliability factor.


Choosing a roof is choosing your protection. It should be durable, reliable and strong. With advent of technology, roofing methods and types have undergone considerable change. Modern day roofs also provide solar sheets embedded in them. These roofs serve the purpose of shielding and help in producing electricity for the household in the most efficient way.
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