Tips for Effective Installation Of Air Conditioners


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After selecting the kind of air conditioners for a home, the next important part is to ensure effective air conditioning installation. If this is not done properly, the expected cooling performance cannot be achieved. In addition to this, the home owner will encounter frequent maintenance issues. Since the installation of an air conditioner requires a lot of practice, it is best to talk to a professional for installing air conditioners.  To install the air conditioner properly, you need to install the indoor and outdoor units in the proper place and apart from that, you must ensure all safety guidelines during this installation prescribed the manufacturing company.

How would you install the air conditioner in a proper way?

The wall must be strong enough to hold any kind of air conditioners. If the wall is not strong enough, installing an air conditioner is meaningless. Usually for the windows are the best locations to install the window air conditioning installation. But today, people prefer to install the split air conditioners, and, in this case, you need to install the indoor and outdoor units separately. In this regard, you can hire the professional and trained air conditioning installation services and they can install your cooling machines in a proper way.
  • The Space Between the Air Conditioning Unit and The Wall
There should be a certain amount of space that needs to be maintained between the air conditioner unit and the wall. This is very important because leaks from the air conditioning unit can cause damage to the walls. At least 15 cm of distance needs to be maintained between the wall and the air conditioning unit.
  • The Structure That Is Already Existing
This factor needs to be considered before purchasing the air conditioner and also during installation. If the duct work or structure is absent, then it needs to be done first before air conditioning installation. For example, a central air conditioning unit, one has to install interior duct systems to ensure the best air circulation inside the house.
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Different Types of Installation

There are different types of air conditioners, like the split AC, central conditioning unit, and window units. Based on the type of units, air conditioning installation varies, too.
  • The wall mounted AC unit is fixed on the wall close to the window at a distance of 8-10 feet away from the floor. During installation, the markings are made on the wall based on the shape of the bracket and fixed accordingly.
  • For air conditioning installation of split ACs, the position of the indoor and outdoor units plays a big role in the installation. The indoor unit should be placed in such a way that the air circulation happens effectively inside the house.
  • For a central air conditioning installation, the duct and tubing system should be done properly. If this is not done, air circulation to all the rooms does not happen properly. Apart from that, you may need to install these ducts and tubes in your place and you must do the sketch or outline of your duct works before installation.
All these tips are very effective when it comes to air conditioning installation. In addition to acting as a checklist for installation, these tips act as checkpoints. If one of them is not achieved, then the house owner can look at different options and even look at postponing the air conditioning installation for the future.  Apart from that, you need to maintain your air conditioning system in a proper way. Most of the air conditioning installation services offer the annual maintenance facility and you can avail their AMC plans to save your future expenses.

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