Wear Slides With Socks

How to Wear Slides With Socks?


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People have worn socks with sandals since at least the fifth century. The earliest known pair of socks discovered in Roman Egypt were designed to be worn with sandals that had straps between the toes. Today, slides with straps that fit over the top of the foot are the preferred style of sandals to wear with socks. Here are some guidelines for pairing socks and men’s or women’s slides along with reasons for the enduring appeal of this combination.

Socks Affect the Fit of Slides

One of the best tips for breaking in slide sandals or other flat shoes for women is to wear shoes over socks. Socks take up room in each shoe, causing tight footwear to loosen over time. This strategic measure does not entirely explain the popularity of socks and sandals.

Socks reduce rubbing and other sources of discomfort from the straps or footbed of slide sandals. When shopping for womens shoes online, you may notice that some slide sandals are designed for comfort while other styles are less structured. The style of slides you choose will determine whether it is comfortable or practical to wear these shoes with socks.

Select the Right Socks

Wearing socks with sandals puts an unconventional pairing of accessories and footwear on display. Select socks of the right material, color, texture and thickness for the most comfortable fit. The thickness of the socks you choose to wear will also affect the appearance of sandals worn with socks. Mid-weight to heavyweight socks tend to be the best pairing for sandals.

Very thick wool socks may not fit into tight slides or may bulge or gather in ways that are uncomfortable and visually unappealing. Very thin socks may not provide the protection or warmth you are seeking to achieve by wearing slide sandals with socks. Any socks you wear should have a color and texture that creates the look you desire with an outfit and sandals.

Factor In Weather Conditions

One of the main reasons why people pair socks and sandals is to extend the season during which slide sandals can comfortably be worn. Slides with thicker socks may be almost as warm as slippers. This combination can be an easy way to start wearing your favorite sandals in the early spring or keep wearing these shoes as temperatures drop in the fall.

Try to avoid wearing socks and slides in bad weather. This combination of footwear does not protect feet from exposure to water, which may pose a problem in cooler weather. Even wool socks cannot provide sufficient insulation when wet. If your socks and sandals get wet, take both off to air dry. Some slide sandals are waterproof, while shoes with footbeds made of cork, leather or leather alternatives may be damaged by exposure to water.

Slide sandals and socks are a classic, if controversial, combination. If you find the look or feel of wearing socks with sandals appealing, choose sandals that comfortably fit socks. You may want to try on different styles of socks to determine the best fit for slides.

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