Planning a home renovation? keeps these things in mind


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Home décor ideas need not be expensive.  Even with everyday things at home, we can initiate a change and make the room look lively.

For example – 

(1)  a simple whitewashed wall can look vibrant by adding a dash of color, which does not necessarily mean utilizing expensive paint. Instead, just frame your favourite memories and hang them across the walls in different sizes of photo frames.  You could also hang a motivational quote on the wall.

(2) Keeping a wooden stand near the wall like a bench or wall-mounted and lining it with books or a faux plant, even a candle stand can brighten up a living room.

(3) Clear up the kitchen space and free the clutter of the kitchen platform by using smart kitchen organizers. Many artifacts and walls are hanging available online and in suitable market stores, especially for Kitchens.

Fridge organizers and magnetic strips are pretty compelling. Magnets work as décor in the kitchen and serve their purpose by holding notes of a recipe or diet plan and a handy reminder.

(4) Spruce up your dining room or dining table with a table runner and table mats. Hang a wall painting on the backdrop.  Place an overhead table lamp for that sophisticated feel. Home decor ideas are simple, and with a bit of tweak in the placement of furniture and lighting, they can brighten up the home.

(5) Create a reading nook in the house for those who like reading or simply as a cosy corner. Light a reading lamp for that soothing feel. A diwan with cushions to relax on. Keep a stand or wall mount that would feature the collection of books

Home décor ideas need not be expensive, but just changing from a regular light to a Chandler can make a vast difference.

Keeping spotlights over photos or frames enhances the focus effect of that place.

Other home décor ideas include placing indoor plants that do not require much sunlight and water. They also provide oxygen and keep the house fresh. 

The best medicine for a restful night’s sleep is having candle stands lit with soft music during the night, this helps in giving that calm feeling.

Home décor in the bedroom, too, can be clutter-free.  Have the bed with clean linen and a comforter mattress. The walls should be left minimalistic. The lighting should be soft. Television and other activities of hobbies should be left out of the bedroom.

Passageways, instead of leaving blank, can be decorated like a gallery wall to hold memories. Mirror work or a large mirror can also be adorned along a passageway.

Home décor ideas should be matched in such a way so that the color of the room. So that there is no hopscotch of the colour and care should be taken that the colors complement each other.

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