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The Dream Proposal: What A Girl Wants


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So you’re thinking of popping the big question?
You can see yourself getting down on one knee, but when you think of how to ask the love of your life to marry you, you start to get clammy, cold sweat starts pouring down your face, and your stomach twists in knots.
What if she hates it?
Chances are, no matter how you propose as long as you put some effort into it, she’s not going to hate it. But there are some tricks of the trade and ideas to help you plan that perfect proposal!

Keep It Secret, Keep it Safe

You might think now that you have the ring picked out and are transporting it home, a large part of the work is done. How very wrong you are.
One of the hardest parts of the proposals, aside from thinking of how to actually pop the question, is keeping that box in a hidden spot.
Women are notoriously curious and intuitive. Think of place where your future fiancé rarely visits in your house or apartment. That location will be your best bet. Don’t make your hiding spot too elaborate. You don’t want to forget exactly where you stashed the ring!
No matter what your girlfriend is into, there is a proposal out there that will make her heart smile for years to come!
For the Athletic Girl
You love the way she can beat all your friends on the basketball court in three-on-three. She’s at your side whether your team wins or loses, and you want to show her you value her support. What other girl would sleep outside of the ticket booth to ensure you get those great seats for a playoff game? She’s a keeper!
Sports stadiums are a great place to highlight your proposal! From baseball stadium big screens to ice hockey rinks, pick your sport and plot your plan. Most staff members at sporting events are extremely friendly and will go out of their way to help you out. Just remember to keep the ring in a secure location before you pop the question, and try to go through the metal detector before your girlfriend so you don’t blow the plan.
For the Classy Girl
From the time you started dating, candles, wine and a great dinner has always been the way to your partner’s heart. But don’t let your proposal be the cheesy ‘hiding the ring in the dessert’ disaster.
Even though she might have higher-end tastes, that doesn’t mean you have to spend a ton of money beyond the ring to make a perfect romantic proposal. For an intimate and private proposal, take a stroll just the two of you in a picturesque location. A romantic setting like a snowy city street or a coffee shop is perfect; tailor it to her tastes!
If your fiancé-to-be always oos and ahs over the more over-the-top proposals, go to a play and arrange ahead of time to do the proposal on stage after the show is over. You’re sure to receive a standing ovation from the on-looking crowd!
For the Natural Girl
Free spirit. Hippie. Tree hugger. Your girl loves flowy skirts and venturing out into the woods to find her inner peace. Take her love of nature and turn it into the perfect proposal!
If she loves to kayak or canoe, pretend you caught the ring on a fishing pole for a cute and funny proposal story. If hiking is more her speed, a fall proposal in the woods or on a mountain overlook is stunning and thoughtful. Setting up a geocaching proposal or floating in a hot air balloon is an adventure you’ll remember for a lifetime! Zoos, gardens and aquariums make great locations, too.
For the added touch, find a ring designed with the natural world in mind!
For the Nerdy Girl
She might bump into furniture every now and then since she always has her nose in a book, but you love her to the moon and back. She swoons when you quote Shakespeare, and the intellectual conversations you have make your relationship take on another dimension.
When you’re brainstorming the proposal, think about her favorite things. What is her favorite book? Maybe go to a bookstore and ask the owner if you can propose there. Or if you can travel to her favorite museum, you’ll make her brain cells and heart go aflutter when you say, “Will you marry me?”
For the Musical Girl
There’s not much more romantic than a musician singing about love. Your future wife might serenade you with her voice and guitar, or you two may turn up the jams in the car and sing away to one another. You’re in luck: with music, proposal ideas are endless!
Some musicians are accommodating with marriage proposals, so it never hurts to reach out to them to see if they are receptive. You could just end up as lucky as this couple at an Ed Sheeran concert!
If you feel confident enough in your abilities as a singer, take your partner to an open mic night and serenade her with a cover song or your own. Nothing will make her swoon more than when you finish the song with a small speech and then propose.
True love doesn’t have one right or wrong way to express itself. Focus on what you and your girlfriend love to do together, and your proposal is sure to be a success!
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