Affordable Makeup Tools

Top 4 Affordable Makeup Tools


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Girls, if you’re spending hundreds of dollars in makeup products and tools, you’re doing it wrong! Not only because most of the time you’re paying for the brand’s reputation instead of the actual product, but also because we shouldn’t contribute to a commercial idea of beauty. We’re all beautiful in our own way, and we should only use makeup to praise our natural look, instead of hiding behind masks of what we want to be.

That’s why, today, I’m here to show you you can have efficient and high-quality makeup related commodities without having to break the bank. So, without further delay.

Here are my top 4 affordable makeup tools:

1 – Makeup Mirrors

There’s always a middle ground. On one side, you shouldn’t be spending a crazy amount of money on a diamond-encrusted makeup mirror (even though they look stunning!), but you can’t really do your makeup on an old worn-out pocket mirror. Ideally, you want a 7 to 10x magnification mirror, with about 8,5’’ of diameter, on a sturdy structure – that’s more than enough for a practical tool. Makeup mirrors like the selection of budget-focused ones we’ve found reviewed at Mirrorank are all really great choices. Also, don’t forget that having a smooth angle variation is important, or else touching up your eyes can become a nightmare. Brands like Conair and Miusco will give you the best options on the market, with prices ranging from $40 to $65.

2 – Bathroom Wall Mirrors

And because a small mirror can’t really give you the feedback you want regarding your outfit for the night, a good bathroom wall mirror should also be a priority. If you have the budget, of course, we recommend going for those vanity ones, with lights all around, but that’s not really the point of this article. You can go with a vertical one or a horizontal one, depending on which you enjoy the most, but a 36’’ x 28’’ is always a safe, efficient, and economic choice. We suggest checking out the Hamilton brand, as they offer great products at affordable prices (some are even lighted). Despite that, at the moment, we’re in love with the DECORAPORT lighted bathroom mirror, a splendid item that combines elegance and practicality, without having to spend that much.

3 – Brush Sets

This shouldn’t be news for you – if you want to save a bit of money, sets and kits are your best friends! You also probably think a brush is enough, but girl, you’re wrong. We’ve all gone to that friend’s house with the complete set of brushes and realized how efficient and easy doing your makeup can be when you’ve got so many tools at your disposal. That’s why going for a brush set from a more unknown brand (extremely important, unless you want to pay hundreds of dollars) can really increase your makeup arsenal’s quality. So, when shopping for brushes, try to remember these 2 brands: EcoTools and Flower Beauty – not only can you get fluffy and resilient brushes, but their prices are around $10-$20, which, in this business, is pretty good.

4 – Lipsticks

Lastly, every girl’s best friend – lipstick. I’m sure we can all agree that if we could only use a makeup product, lipstick would be the chosen one. Simple, but powerful, it can change a whole look, even more, when you match it with your outfit. But it’s not easy buying a quality product for a low value. The market is full of worldly renowned brands that sell lipsticks for hundreds of dollars and very underground brands that sometimes aren’t even approved by the proper regulations. So we’re leaving you with some brands that are that perfect middle-ground. Revlon is one of those – even though it’s well known, it has a lower quality gamma for an amazing price. Burt’s Bees, Wet’n’Wild, and CoverGirl are also good choices.

Money and Beauty 

Who said you can’t have them both? Stop spending hundreds of dollars on products you use once or twice and instead try building a base for your makeup routine that offers you a clean airbrush style, without it being too much. We’re also in the middle of a “less is more” trend, so take advantage of that! Hope we helped you and thanks for reading!

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