Pastor Chris Oyakhilome Event

Attention a Brief on Pastor Chris Oyakhilome Event on May 2017


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The people who help you to make contact with the divine are the true source of lights in this world of uncertainty. Pastor Chris Oyakhilome is one of the biggest torch bearers of our Lord and savior. Pastor Chris is the president of Believers Love World Inc. and of the Christ Embassy who is involved in changing the lives of the believers with the guidance of Holy Spirit.
Chris Oyakhilome is devoted for the love of god and it’s mankind that is why under he is a successful teacher, healing minister, and television host and bestselling author. With the God’s word, he has taught and healed millions of people through different events and his satellite station which started in 2003. And now this May, he is bringing you another event to experience the love of God in you.
Pastor Chris Communion Services at Harare:
7th May 2017 is the date that you should mark on your calendar because Pastor Chris will be waiting for you in Harare National Sports Stadium. The man of the God Pastor Chris Oyakhilome will help you to practice what Jesus instructed us before he died for our sins on the cross. Pastor Chris will help you to perform the act of Jesus while using the bread as the symbol of Jesus body and wine as the symbol of his blood as he, our Lord and saviour instructed us to do.
Jesus claimed himself as “the bread of life” which means that our life is dependent on it and the Jesus is the need of our life. Jesus is the one who satisfies us when everyone left us empty. All we have to do is to believe in him and being fulfilled by him.

Why Communion is important for all Christians:

Communion is not the core of Christianity, but for a true Christian, it is as important as to believe in the Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit. As I mentioned, bread and wine in communion are just the symbols of Jesus body and blood. Celebrating communion in the events like this marks the story of Jesus and how he sacrificed himself completely to give us a better life.
In Christianity, communion is not an obligation but the celebration. Communion is the commemoration of the Gospel’s verse which says Jesus was broken for us so he can fix us. Practicing communion is important to remember the command of the Jesus. Jesus wanted us to remember him every time whenever we eat bread and drink wine. Bread and wine have great significance in our daily lives. This is something which every Christian does, and Jesus showed mercy to us by using this daily activity as the method of remembering him.
At 7th of this may, the Zimbabwe nation will witness the magic of Lord Jesus between them. Every time we gather around the bread and wine, we witness that Jesus is in between he and us is the one who is providing everything to us. This is what you are going to witness this 7th of May. You are not going to eat bread and drink wine only; it is all about body and blood of Jesus. According to Pastor Chris, communion is not a ritual; it is about what Jesus has ordered us to do and following the right path of believing in Jesus.

Important Information for Program:

It is important to know some information regarding program before being the part of it. This event is scheduled for 7th of this May and will commence at 2 pm. Pastor Chris Oyakhilome and his team will be waiting for you at National Sports Stadium Harare.

How to Register:

Registering for this event is as easy as getting assignment help from any online education website. By registering, you will get an access ticket which will be your visa to this grand holy event. This ticket will not only ensure your participation in the event, but it will also allow you to be the part of this event by any means. If you are not the citizen of Harare or live in any other country but still want to be enlightened by the Pastor Chris, you can still be the part of this event through exclusive online streaming on You can also see its live coverage on the CEFLIX which is a smartphone app and can be easily downloaded from the Google Play Store and IOS App.
For the residents of Harare or from any part of the Zimbabwe, the registration ticket guarantees your entrance in the event venue to witness all the holiness from your own eyes. Not only this, there will be many designated venues around Zimbabwe where this event will be shown live, and this ticket will also allow you to be the part of this event even if you are far away from this.

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