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Top Tips For Saving For Your Dream Homecoming Dress


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Homecoming is one of those days you plan for. You dream of the perfect date, the perfect night and, of course, the perfect dress. The reality is a little different, though. When you start shopping for dresses, you’ll quickly realize they come with hefty price tags. And often it’s a dress you’re only going to have for a night.

So much of homecoming is about having the prettiest dress, accessories, makeup and hair, that is easy to go overboard. But, the night is really about having fun with your friends.

To help you out, we’ve put together a few tips to keep the night affordable so you can focus on having fun.

  1. Do your own hair and makeup

There’s not much reason to pay a makeup artist or salon to get done up for homecoming. With so many online tutorials, you can practice your hair and makeup skills way in advance to help you save up for the perfect dress. Spend time browsing online and try out a few tutorials till you find a look you like. You may find you get to have more control over how your hair and makeup looks than getting someone else to do it.

2. Borrow from a friend

There’s no reason to buy everything new for homecoming. Odds are, you have friends or family who have formal accessories in their wardrobes. To help you save for the dress, consider borrowing accessories, shoes, a bag and jewelry.

Borrow from a friend

If you do not prefer that option, take a look at the range of blue dresses for homecoming in 2019. There are plenty of affordable dresses you can find especially when you purchase ahead of time. Once you found the perfect dress, you may then ask around for the shoes, jewelry, hair accessories, bag and makeup.

3. Do your research

If buying a brand-new dress for homecoming is your dream, the good news is that not all dresses come with hefty price tags. You could consider purchasing a previously loved dress or taking a look at last season’s racks to find a more affordable option that’s perfect for you and your budget.

4. Start doing chores

If you don’t already do chores, it’s time to start earning some savings for your dress. Whether it’s around the house or for friends and family, you can work to earn your dress money. Alternatively, try to get a summer job like babysitting, walking dogs or doing a little gardening. Every little bit helps when it comes to saving up for your dream homecoming dress.

5. Save on the jewelry

Save on the jewelry

If you have your heart set on adding some sparkle to your homecoming dress, you don’t need to budget for the real deal. While homecoming may seem important to you now, it’s not going to matter when you look back if you wore real pearl earrings or costume jewelry. Most people aren’t going to know the difference, and it will save you more money towards your dream dress. You can still get the style you want at more affordable prices. Costume jewelry looks real and sometimes you can even rent what you need, so you can still shine without spending a fortune.

Good luck with your saving!

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