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Top 8-weekend beach breaks in Europe and beyond


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We all want to enjoy glorious weekend trips to beaches and in this article, we bring you 8 such beaches where you can have the most blissful beach experience in Europe and its adjacent areas.

What are they? Read on to find out below:

1.      Barcelona
Barcelona is the place to be should you seek to enjoy a short weekend trip with relaxing time. Packed with beaches Barcelona offers a dose of some of the best in the eatery business and shopping that you will have a hard time spending your time on the beaches there. Barcelona beach connects the whole city while shopping venue of Las Ramblas and cathedral La SagradaFamilia are few places that will make your trip a worthwhile experience.
2.      Costa Dorada
It is in close proximity with Barcelona and makes it fairly low-cost travel to Costa Dorada, especially for weekend breaks. There you can enjoy the PortAventura theme park from the beach who wish to have thrills while chilling out.
You can browse through a list of hotels on the beach to experience a relaxing coastal vibe. The 4-star Estival Centurion Playa offers a peaceful beach bar to delve in.
3.      Crete
To enjoy a Greek pleasure, look no further than the island of Crete. For the residents of UK, it is anonly4-hour flight away from most her airports. During your visit, if you feel tired of walking around the beach you can explore Knossos – one of Europe’s oldest cities.
4.      Cyprus
Cyprus is a host to glorious sunshine and scorching weather. So during the right time of the year, the Greek isle will present herself with very low-cost options for your stay. If you are located in the UK, it is only a 4-hour flight to Cyprus (not very expensive, eh?).
The archaeological park in the Paphos region will attract people with the flair for enjoying diverse cultures and it doesn’t get any better than the 5-star Azia Resort & Spa since its palm-tree lined pools and a stellar view of the beach both above and below is the one to behold! For a weekend trip, I don’t think a first-rate spa experience is a bad decision.
5.      Lisbon
Portugal’s capital and is laden with the combination of beach and urban hustle. You can either jump aboard a tram 28 to view city’s most historic streets or take a walk past its colorful buildings. From Pink Street, you can reach Guincho Beach within half an hour from Lisbon’s bubbliest nightclub.
In the beach vicinity, you will see that a 4-star hotel called EstalagemMuchaxo Hotel overlooking at its waves. The hotel was built in the17th century and is fortress by definition. You can also explore an outdoor pool, bar, and access to free wifi enabling you to take selfies with the beach in the background.
6.      Majorca
The place offers a ton of delights for those visiting over weekends. There are plenty of flights that journey to Majorca which makes it easy to reach the destination. Once there, you can start with Cala Domingo but make sure it’s spring because at that time you can enjoy white sandy beaches of Majorca.
The waters are clear and at the same time shallow for the crowds to take a dip in. Accommodation wise, the 4-star Valparaiso Hotel in CalaRomantica should be the first choice as the beach is located at the 25-meter walk from there.
7.      Sicily
Sicily is the ultimate gateway to enjoy a perfect weekend break on the beach. There is Giardini Naxos – an old village on the east coast where fishing is practiced which has become a major tourist spot and is known for having preserved its traditions to date.
If you want to navigate more of the Sicily, try visiting the archaeological museum and the ruins of the Greek colony from a long time ago. You can find essay help UK in this regard. The comparison can be made of the past and the present where nightlife and recent developments have completely transformed Sicily.
You can enjoy affordable accommodation at the 4-star Atahotel Naxos Beach hotel therein. The room and cottages are engulfed with lush green gardens and it offers four swimming pool on top of tennis courts to make your stay memorable.
8.      Valencia
It is Spain’s third largest city and boasts a vibrant culture. It is known for its gorgeous beaches and ocean-view restaurants. Your visit is further enhanced by visiting the City of Arts and Sciences complex which houses a wide collection of beautiful museums, gardens and the finest in architecture etc.
Valencia packs an ancient town that is blistering with fine dining restaurants and bars, in addition to a beach where you can relax. If you were to book a hotel over there, a three nights’ stay at the famous 3-star Itaca Consul del Mar is affordable.
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