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The Most Exciting Beaches Of Mediterranean Europe


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Mediterranean Europe is a fascinating kingdom of marine treasures. The brilliant blue waves rush towards the sandy seashores, creating music that resonates through the coastal towns. The cities and towns of this region have preserved their unique cultural heritage, which is displayed by the marvelous monuments and sculptures that decorate the landscape. Equally stunning are the forests and hills that surround the golden beaches, creating a vibrant and soothing painting. The spectacular beaches of this region are excellent for adventurous sports as well as a laid back vacation. Here are some of the most breathtaking beaches of Mediterranean Europe that combine crystal clear waters, cloudless skies, and alluring scenery, for a surreal experience.

Breathtaking beaches of Mediterranean Europe are:

Cala Luna in Italy
One of the most picturesque beaches in Sardinia, the Cala Luna beach is ideal for a quiet day by the sea. A secluded beach surrounded by mighty cliffs, this Italian beach is the definition of untarnished natural beauty. The water around the beach is incredibly clear, making Cala Luna the perfect spot for snorkeling. In this realm of water lit up by the brilliant sunshine, you will be able to witness the colorful marine life of this region in all its glory. The famous Bue Marino Cave is just a short boat ride away. This cave is popular for its spellbinding stalactites and stalagmites, interesting formations created by mineral deposits. Cala Luna is indeed a paradise, blessed with many geographical wonders.
Elafonissi Beach in Greece
The pinkish glow of the Elafonissi Beach lures travelers into crossing the shallow sea to reach the tiny Greek islet that holds this magical beach. The mystical atmosphere of this beach will cast a spell on the entire family. The pink color of the sand is due to the crushed seashells sprinkled along the coastline. The waters are safe for swimming and even children can enjoy a dip. You can walk along the periphery of the islet to discover hidden coves and serene spots. The local villages exude an old world charm and the houses are reminiscent of the ancient times. Your eyes will get to feast on an astonishing view of the expansive sea, which glows is particularly blue in this region.
Zlatni Rat in Croatia
It is hard to come by a beach as intriguing as Zlatni Rat on the Croatian island of Brac. This beach is in the form of a thin strip of land that juts into the sparkling waters of the Adriatic Sea. Its unique shape is the reason why Zlatni Rat is often referred to as the Golden Cape. A stretch of white pebbles surrounded by turquoise blue waves and emerald green forests is an enthralling sight, to say the least. This area is one of the Croatia’s best spots for windsurfing, due to its favorable weather conditions. For these reasons Zlatni Rat is also one of the favorite destination for many yacht charter in Croatia. There are also several restaurants and bars in the vicinity for the sunbathers who want to relax on the beach.
Blue Lagoon in Malta
The Blue Lagoon in Malta resembles a gigantic sapphire blue swimming pool. The white sea bed is visible from afar, due to the impeccable clarity of the waters of this region. No one can resist diving into this enchanting lagoon, for a refreshing swim in its pleasantly cool waters. The rocky cliffs that surround the beach are utilized by the tourists to bask in the warm sunshine, while those looking for some adventure head over to the deeper end, for a round of water-skiing. You can also choose to get lost in the vivid hues of the sea creatures, by indulging in an unparalleled scuba diving experience. The calm environment is ideal for getting rid of stress and enjoying the gifts of the planet.
Navagio Beach in Greece
The Navagio Beach in Greece is popularly known as the Shipwreck Beach, owing to the rusty remains of a freight liner called Panagiotis that occupy the sandy shore. Rumor has it that the Panagiotis was a smugglers ship, therefore this beach is also known as the Smugglers Cove. The beach is just a narrow strip of sand, sandwiched between limestone cliffs and shimmering waters, and can only be accessed by boat. There are no amenities on the beach, so remember to pack your own lunch. You can get yourself clicked in front of the wreckage of the ship or can head up to the viewing balconies on the cliffs, to capture the sunset. The panoramic views from the top are every photographer’s delight.
These splendid beaches are the epitomes of natural beauty. The pristine atmosphere and the cool sea breeze will gently cleanse the mind and body. You can enjoy the thrill of water sports or can simply indulge in the magnificence of Mediterranean Europe.

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