5 Hidden Gems Of Europe You Need To Know About


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Europe is a continent that is known for its diversity, both cultural and natural. It is a land where mighty civilizations have flourished since the beginning of time and is the birthplace of several talented writers and brilliant artists. Each city and town of this region bears surreal landscapes and equally intriguing historical relics. It is hard to decide what is more fascinating about the European cities, their incredible natural beauty or the magnificence of their majestic monuments. Among all the popular tourist spots, there are more than few hidden gems that display both these aspects in a magical manner. Here are the unsung heroes of this enchanting continent that you must visit on your next European escapade.
Wroclaw in Poland
Nestled on the banks of the Odra River is the Polish city of Wroclaw, known for its idyllic scenery and the mesmerizing architecture of its buildings. Wroclaw is a lively cultural hub that boasts of colorful festivals and an amazing nightlife, but also holds several treasures from various chapters of its history. The Old Town Hall that took approximately 200 years to build is a fine example of Gothic and Renaissance architecture whereas the Church of St. Mary Magdalene has a beautiful Romanesque design. Other iconic symbols of this glorious town include the houses called Hansel and Gretel, which are connected by an 18th-century archway. The joy of visiting Wroclaw lies in exploring its streets and stumbling upon such charming buildings every few meters.
Bilbao in Spain
Surrounded by the industrial wastelands of Spain is the city of Bilbao, a book that is not meant to be judged by its cover. As you step inside, you will be greeted by the shiny titanium exteriors of Museo Guggenheim Bilbao, an architectural marvel with a futuristic design. This museum holds some stunning sculptures and installations created by renowned artists, but is most popular for its quirky appearance. Museo de Bellas Artes is a sprawling display of artworks from the ancient to the contemporary times while Casco Viejo is the rustic part of the city that exhibits the cultural heritage of the town, with its winding streets and charming shops. This harmonious fusion of the past and the present is what makes Bilbao an alluring destination for travellers from around the globe.
Beaune in France
Beaune is one of the best wine-tasting destinations in France but it is also so much more. The most famous landmark is the Hotel-Dieu de Beaune, a medieval hospice that encloses vibrant murals and is adorned with turrets and multi-colored tiles. While the hospice is a visual treat, a tour of the Moutarderie Fallot offers a glimpse of the history of ground mustard production. This mustard factory also arranges activities where you and your family can try your hands at hand-milling the mustard seeds. The Basilique Collegiale Notre Dame is admired by many for its spacious porch and stunning tapestry and tourists also like to visit the spectacular towers that dot the landscape, such as the Grosse Tour and the Tour Blondeau. This is one destination that compels all to raise their glasses of wine to its phenomenal sights and sounds.
Essen in Germany
The German city of Essen is a unique confluence of culture and commerce, and is, in fact, a giant maze of museums and coal mines. One of the most remarkable spots is the Ruhr Museum, a former coal-washing plant that now serves as a museum that sheds some light on the life and times of the coal mine workers. The original character of this one of a kind museum has been retained in the form of its conveyor belts and metallic stairs that will transport you back to when the plant was in business. On the other hand, the Treasury of Dom bears some royal relics, such as the sparkling crown worn by Emperor Otto, while Museum Folkwang displays the artworks of great painters such as Van Gogh.
Dubrovnik in Croatia
If you wish to experience the Croatia of the bygone era then a trip to Dubrovnik is a must for you. Guarded by massive stone walls that hold numerous towers and gates, this town has managed to preserve the old world charm over the years. The limestone paved Main Street called Stradun is embellished with fountains and sculptures while the opulent design of the Sponza Palace adds to the elegance of the scenery. Other fascinating sights include the Lovrijenak Fort that guards the coastline and the Rector’s Palace that has magnificent arches and corridors. It is no surprise that this magical city was chosen for representing the fictional city of King’s Landing in the television series Game of Thrones. Even if you are not a fan of the show, you will enjoy witnessing the true essence of Croatia at Dubrovnik. If you decide to spend your vacation in Croatia, Dubrovnik is the place that has to be experienced first hand.
These gorgeous destinations offer a myriad of flavours of the European culture, against a peaceful backdrop. Hidden from the throngs of tourists, they are the perfect spots for a relaxing vacation that offers a throwback to the days gone bye. The eclectic mix of modern and rustic elements displayed by these towns will help you to truly appreciate the beauty and diversity of Europe.

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