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4 Look from the Office to the summer of 2019


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How to dress in the office during the hot summer season? Here are some style tips that you should follow if you want to be glamorous and fresh during your usual 8 hours.

The hot season does not help us much when it comes to look formal. It’s true, when you think of the summer months you can make less to evoke marine landscapes and holiday in the open air, if possible, in the sea, but it is also true that while we need to work on! The long-awaited holidays come but in the meantime, what to wear to carry out their routine work?
We thought we’d introduce you to 4 look office ideal for the summer of 2017, each one characterized by some detail of the trend, to be perfectly glamorous, but also fresh. Colleagues, boss and customers may not be able to do less than admire your touch of fashion in every proposal of style, but of course you always think to calibrate it according to the working environment.
In fact, potential tips, you have to consider whether or not there are norms that regulate the outfit, the office established a priori. In some environments, for example, requires not to wear in the summer sandals open type models, flip-flops, ultra-flat, because they are considered not very professional. On the basis of these recommendations and our suggestions of style, we discover together how to dress in the office in the summer.

4 Office looks for summer:

Look purple and nude
The first look that we recommend is for the most part characterized by the colors that are mixed in this way cannot do without that evocarci distant landscapes and unspoilt, such as those in Africa. In fact, using the color of sand, in this case chosen with regard to the skirt, both for the shoes, wedges espadrilles with strap around the ankle, to show off with a pedicure always well-kept, we can invent what we like.
We found this delightful shopper bag bicolor in addition to the sand color also has a nice dose of purple, and then we have chosen a top very soft and cool jersey to complete our outfit, which, as you can see, it is composed of a tight skirt, that is always much in the office, but it is clear, a sleeveless top to wear with the blazer jacket, in this case deliberately white, to have a look even brighter, wedges, bag and a beautiful bracelet.
Office Look with white pants
It is not hard to imagine this lovely look from the office essentially characterized by two colors, brown and white. The summer period allows us to match the perfection of these two shades and adding a few golden touch and other items from the nude colors and slightly blurred, with a small dose of leopard here is that we find ourselves for a moment in the middle of the jungle.
For this outfit from the office, therefore, we wanted to wear a sleeveless top oversize on the bottom, so that the bands of tissue does not attach to the body, when it gets really too hot, and they slip slightly on the pants, which in this case we preferred to stretch in white cotton, but alternatively, you can also choose a paw or the palace, appropriately changing the shoes. We have dared with ballerina flats with animal prints and completed with a leather bag nude and many trinkets of gold.
Dress or long skirt in the office
If you do not like to wear the tight skirts and pants in the summer, then you might rely on clothes long skirt slightly flared. First of all, when you choose a dress, remember that it should never be too low-cut, must not have the back bare and nor should it be too short. Should be as chaste and formal as possible, and of course in a tissue that is not falling apart after the first half hour of work. Cotton is an excellent solution, and even more the jersey but we understand that in this period the clothes linen are the masters.
For our summer look to the office with dress we have selected a model, in cotton, medium grey mélange effect on the waistline is taken in by a leather belt. The hair collected are not an accessory but I recommend them strongly while to complete the outfit, a bracelet and a pair of sunglasses in acetate for a touch of glamour.
White shirt and high waist skirt
Not always when it is warm, it can’t find the right look for the office especially when you must deal with a few pounds too, which makes us feel a little insecure. That is why we have chosen a summer outfit perfect for all, those longer, but especially for curvy women, who do not want to renounce a touch of style even when they go to work.
In this case, we chose the timeless elegance of the white shirt, to match, to a beautiful high-waist skirt, which is a nod good the waist, giving an hourglass silhouette, and that opens slightly to the corolla, thus avoiding the effect to the wheel, and covers up to the knees, to have a formal look and sophisticated at the same time. Instead of the sandals nude you can dare with wedge heels or even stilettos.
  1. NoBlandMakeup 7 years ago

    Long skirt and purple and nude are my favorite outfits. Maybe I'll try out the waisted skirts.

  2. Yeah, try it and let me know how it looks.

  3. Alison Rost 7 years ago

    Beautiful looks! Hands down .. the purple and nude was my favorite. The white pants say summer and the purple is so vibrant!

  4. Thanks Alison for liking my look.

  5. Dragon Sunsets 7 years ago

    I like the purple and nude. However, it would have been nicer if her blouse was tucked in properly in her pants. 🙂 The black skirt looks lovely too.

  6. I love all of these looks a great mix of office and summer outfits. Love the last outfit!

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