Using YouTube For YouTube Music Promo(With Zero Budget)

Using YouTube For YouTube Music Promo(With Zero Budget)


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If you don’t go above and beyond to advertise your YouTube channel and outstanding video content, it will be difficult to attract new subscribers for YouTube music promo. Consider it like a funnel. To subscribe to your channel, a viewer must first locate it via a YouTube search or a referral link, watch it, and if they find it compelling enough, click the subscribe button.

But it’s common for people to “fall out” at any point. Consider the scenario where, of the 10 individuals who find your video for YouTube music promo. I’ve included the greatest strategies in this article to help you promote your YouTube channel more effectively and for free.

Create pertinent headings and descriptions

It’s important to communicate in your audience’s language, therefore even if you might want to use creative titles, you should use the precise words you want your video to display under. Similar like Google, the YouTube search engine favours specific terms, so choose those that potential viewers would.

Uncertain of the topic or your word choice? Enter your ideas into Google Trends to compare the level of interest shown for each of them.

Similar to titles, descriptions are thought to have little bearing on SEO; however, this does not mean that you should disregard them or use them as a place to repeat your keywords.

For instance, if you search for “10 breakfast recipes” on YouTube, you’ll get dozens of videos with that description. There’s a good chance that your video will be surrounded by other uploads that are related to it. The opening phrase of the video description is a fantastic technique to stand out in this situation. Use it to describe how your video differs from others and why viewers should watch it.

Make unique thumbnails

Many inexperienced YouTubers think thumbnails are pointless because they have no impact on search engine rankings and will not promote a video to the front page of YouTube.

However, thumbnails have a significant impact on your video click-through rate, just like descriptions do. In other words, a person’s decision to view one video over another frequently depends on the thumbnail.

Creating playlists for your videos

The creation of playlists has two hidden advantages. First of all, playlists help keep your channel organized and simple to navigate alongside thumbnails. Therefore, viewers will probably watch it for longer and explore the subject they are interested in. Second, playlists contribute to optimization and improve your visibility in search results.

Consider it this way: The title and description of a playlist are extra details that the YouTube algorithm can use to determine the subject matter of your videos. Why would you pass up the possibility to repeat keywords and improve your chances of being found?

Begin videos ominously

Have you heard about the typical person’s attention span in today’s society? To be precise, it lasts between 8 and 12 seconds. If you don’t grab a viewer’s interest in those initial few seconds, consider him lost in the world of video blogging.

Go to Creator Studio – Analytics – Audience retention to check how captivating your videos are. The graph displays the percentage of viewers who stop watching the video as it goes on. According to the graph below, just over 20% of viewers stuck with the video all the way to the conclusion while 40% lost interest after a minute.

The bulk of videos are only seen halfway, according to the industry standard of 50%. However, if you see a significant audience decline in the first 10 seconds or so, your introduction has to be strengthened.

Get right to the point

Spend no time on a drawn-out introduction or an unclear speech. The “PPP formula,” which stands for Preview, Proof, Preview, is advised by SEO and content marketing guru Brian Dean.

Brian claims that if you can convince someone to watch your video for the first 15 seconds, there is a good chance they will continue to do so. Use those brief but crucial seconds to introduce your video, explain why they should believe you, and include a brief teaser or sneak peek to pique curiosity and encourage people to watch the entire thing.

Special effects should be avoided because they can be distracting. Instead, experiment with sparse contoured typography and seamless transitions. Examine free non-linear video editing programmes if you want to stay to a strict budget.

Lastly, provide a call to action

Every good marketer is aware that people won’t respond if you don’t ask them. Keep in mind how short our attention spans are and how many distractions there are in our daily lives. Calls to action are required precisely for this reason.

Even if someone liked your video, there’s a risk they might forget to subscribe to your channel or give it a thumbs up. You must therefore remind them. There is no reason to be embarrassed about asking for a little love in return because you put a lot of effort into making this video and giving the viewers something of worth.

A personal request is usually more effective than annotations, which were once a good addition to the subscriber acquisition toolkit. By describing what they may look forward to in your upcoming videos hip hop music promotion and what benefits they will receive, you can entice viewers to join your audience.

Utilize cards and end screens

Although the end screen and cards have already been mentioned, annotations were stopped in May. The combination of cards and end screens is a five times more effective and authentic approach to keep viewers engaged with your content, so if you haven’t used them for your channel yet, it’s about time. Most importantly, they function in the YouTube app and are mobile-friendly.

Here, avoiding video interruptions and screen clutter is the best course of action. Limit the number of videos you link to on the end screen to two and keep your design simple.

Visit Creator Studio > Analytics > Interaction reports > End screens to verify the effectiveness of your end screen approach. You may compare the number of clicks received by each end-screen component to the number of times it is displayed.

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