When To Spend Money On Advertise YouTube Channel

When To Spend Money On Advertise YouTube Channel


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On Thursday, I planned to perform a YouTube Q&A session with you guys or accept a question from a viewer and try my best to respond to advertise YouTube channel. The query for this week was submitted by KIDS 312, who also wrote it. Tim, should we use YouTube advertising to increase subscriber counts in the early days of a new channel? I’m optimising videos and doing everything you said, but it’s moving very slowly.

That is a valid query. No, I do not advise you to go and invest in sponsored marketing for your videos to advertise YouTube channel. and channel as a whole if you are just getting started on YouTube.

And the reason for it is that when you first start out, everyone feels that their work is amazing and that their only issue is a lack of exposure. And if they simply received attention, their channel would go viral, and they would be flourishing.

The only issue with it is that I have never actually observed it to be the case. Go back and watch some of your very early videos if you’ve been making them for a year or two, or even just six months. Do you still think they’re wonderful today as you did back then?

I for one don’t. At the end of this essay, I’ll include a link to my very first YouTube video, which was uploaded in March 2006. And even though I thought it was a halfway great video at the time, now that I see it, I’m like, “Oh man, that’s so painful.”

Therefore, every aspiring artist still has a lot to learn about themselves, their voices, and their personalities on camera. They address their audience in what way? who their target audience actually develops into. To master many of those concepts, you just need a lot of time.

And when your channel is smaller, you actually have this advantage because you can try a lot of various things. You can test out a variety of fresh concepts. What actually works, what sticks, and what doesn’t stick are all visible.

Instead of, let’s say, when you’re just starting out and all of a sudden, you acquire a million subscribers in your first week, OK? Let’s assume that does. They all subscribed to one certain style or item, so you’re kind of stuck at this point.

You’re still really fresh at this, but maybe three or four months from now you realise that I don’t really want to do that. So you’re going to alienate a lot of people and lose them now. Therefore, make the most of the time while your channel is still small.

Now, if you do decide to add paid marketing in front of your channel, I advise only doing so in front of videos and content that have already shown they will work well for your conversion rates. You know, spending money to promote videos that are currently failing won’t make them succeed overnight.

But if you have videos that are successful at drawing in new viewers and turning them into subscribers, and you notice that they start leaving comments and engaging with your channel, then, yes, some of those videos might be worth marketing. Otherwise, your money is actually simply being wasted.

I now have an ebook that may be useful to many of you guys who want to optimize your channel in order to successfully convert unsubscribed viewers into subscribers and then learn how to turn those subscribers into an active and engaged member of your community. “30 Days To a Better YouTube Channel” is the name of that book. As I said, this book will take you on a shortcut straight there if you want to skip a lot of the lessons and challenges you have to overcome in the beginning and save yourself a lot of time.

Additionally, there is a link at the bottom that leads to FameBit.com, our sponsor here at Video Creators. Additionally, you can find there other YouTube creators with whom you can work. It can be a great method to start building your exposure on YouTube and start getting an audience if you want to start mingling audiences with other people, having them promote you, and you promote them, and just kind of cross-pollinating that way. It won’t cost you anything to do this.

Additionally, when you’re on Fame Bit’s website, you can see brand agreements there from businesses that want to pay you to promote their goods and services in your videos to YouTube Video Description. To sign up, you do require a minimum of 1,000 members. If that is you, click the link in the description below to find out how to begin securing brand deals for your channel in order to increase revenue while also beginning to expand your audience through partnerships.

I’ve had two inquiries for you guys. First, how would you respond to this person’s query?

“I have previously paid to promote my family’s YouTube vlogging channel. To put it all into one sentence for you guys, I’ve learned from that experience that only 1% of the views I paid for resulted in subscribers who went on to watch more of our videos in the future. You gain more subscribers, but it’s incredibly difficult to convert those paid viewers into active, engaged subscribers who genuinely become a part of your community over time. At least, that’s how it works in my scenario.

So in order to increase awareness for something, I’ve run bought advertisements on other YouTube channels. But if there is a budget for increasing viewers and subscribers, I believe that it would be better spent on things like travelling to someone’s home and working on a collaboration, or meeting up with- like, put that money into travel and actually work on a collaboration with someone who could really be beneficial for both your channel and their channel. Thoughts?”

First of all, I’m genuinely interested in your response to this query.

However, if you have used paid advertising to increase channel subscribers, what has been the most successful for you?

Give us some advice and suggestions down there. I’m eager to pick up knowledge from you people. I’m sure you all have lots of wise counsel. Share all that information there.

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  • 30 Days to a Better YouTube Channel, an ebook
  • My very first video on YouTube

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