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Wedding Essentials For The Imminent Bride


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If you are in the throes of wedding planning, then the chances are that your to do list is as long as your arm and it shows no signs of getting shorter. You are probably beginning to feel a little wedding anxiety as you have a whole host of tasks to complete. You may pick up the latest wedding magazines in an effort to be inspired only to be confronted with big day envy. Every time that you think that you’ve settled on a venue, a photographer or the flowers, you find yourself getting cold feet and changing your mind.

It is vital that you are able to plan effectively. You need to treat wedding organisation like a project at work. Make a list, prioritise and decide on a budget. It is this amount that will dictate many of your special day decisions. Even if you are beginning to feel a little snowed under, take a look at how you can clarify your thoughts by focusing on these wedding day essentials.


When you think about the venue where you will be saying your vows, you want it to be a space where you feel comfortable and that has some special significance to you. While a religious ceremony might be what your parents are hankering after, you might prefer something a little more secular. Consider those venues that are a little more outside of the box. Maybe you and your other half are movie buffs. The old art deco arthouse cinemas that are still standing today make picturesque venues in which to say ‘I do.’ You could choose to utilize the big screen to whip up a montage of you as a couple, making those close family members weep in their cinema seats. You can also use the readymade aisle to walk down and have an awesome surround sound system for your music.

Alternatively, you might fancy getting married outdoors. Whether you fancy the beach, a garden or a mountainside, you can get married pretty much anywhere nowadays, you just need the license and the registrar. Try and opt for a place that will generate happy memories for years to come.

Save The Dates

It’s never too early to send out save the date cards. You might think that planning your wedding two years in advance and sending out a notification of the date is a little premature. However, if you want your guests to definitely be available for your big day, get them sent as soon as you have your venue booked.

When thinking about your save the date cards, consider the theme of your wedding and exude this in your wedding invitation cards. Classic wedding invites from Pure Invitation are great for those more traditional affairs. Alternatively, you could opt for more modern, pop-up, wooden or sustainable varieties. The wedding invites that you post out to people will set the tone of your soiree. Perhaps you fancy an art deco touch, a retro flavor, or a sleek minimalist design. Go for an invitation that epitomizes you as a couple.


While you might think that the traditional heavy fruit laden three tiered cake is the way to go, you don’t have to. Perhaps you don’t even like boozy fruit cake. Instead, go for your favourite cake or try out unique flavour combinations. A gin and tonic cake could be just what you are looking for. Perhaps you don’t even want a three tiered thing. You could go for a cupcake sculpture or a novelty illusion cake.

When looking for bakers, go for those that have experience of making wedding cakes. These sorts of edible structures usually require more time and expertise. Don’t opt for the local chain bakery. Head online and do your research. Don’t go for the cheapest option. Also, consider the dietary requirements of all of your guests. Any nut allergies, and you need to take particular care of any food on site.


Wedding Breakfast

For most couples, the traditional sit down affair is the wedding breakfast of choice to enjoy celebrating their nuptials with their pals. Formal and sophisticated, you can choose a menu that means something to you. If you’re vegan, opt for the latest millennial caterer that specializes in celebratory vegan meals. Or perhaps you adore a certain type of cuisine. Maybe you want to enjoy a hot and spicy Caribbean affair, or perhaps you’d rather experience a Thai banquet, or maybe some one pot soul food is what you want for your big day.

You don’t always have to go for a three course meal. Perhaps you want a more casual eating experience. If you are getting married outdoors or you have access to a marquee, you might want to enjoy a beach barbecue or a hog roast or a fun buffet. This allows your guests to mingle a little more and the transition from dining to dancing is more seamless.


Every wedding needs some form of entertainment. You need the evening do music as well as some activities to keep guests occupied during the lull periods. Consider hiring some giant garden games such as chess and Jenga to keep your nearest and dearest amused. Or maybe some street style entertainers will be fun for the smaller human beings in your party.

When it comes to your evening entertainment, think about the sort of music that you love. The chances are that your first dance will be a song that is of huge sentimental value. This could be played by a DJ or by a live band. Think about the genre of music that you love and book a band or DJ accordingly. Don’t opt for a DJ that plays nothing but 1990s pop if you adore Motown classics. And never opt for a niche tribute band if you want to explore a wider range of musical styles such as jazz, pop, rock and roll, and soul.

Your wedding day should be the most incredible day of your life. Follow this guide and get planning.

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