How to Do Flawless Makeup? 9 Tips that Really work


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Every girl likes to have a flawless makeup as it makes her super attractive. However, not every girl is able to do this kind of makeup. So, if you want to know how to do flawless makeup then here are: nine tips you need to follow for achieving this beauty goal.

Explore tips below:

1. Foundation Tips:
  • For a flawless look, mix your foundation with two drops of water for normal skin, a toner if you have dry skin and two drops of witch hazel into your foundation if your skin is oily. Apply your foundation first, then mix concealer into the foundation and apply the mixture into areas that require more converge and in the end lightly powder. By mixing your concealer and foundation together, you can achieve the perfect color and coverage every time.
  • If you want to lighten your stick foundation coverage, mix the stick foundation with a dot of moisturizer on the back of your hand. You will get the coverage that you like. If you don’t like too much foundation apply only where needed and set with a touch of loose powder.
2. Concealer Tips:
  • For a natural look, smear concealer after you have applied your foundation. In this way you don’t end up applying too much, as your foundation will cover most of the marks and discolorations first. To get a flawless color match every time, blend a drop of your foundation into your concealer. If you want extra, long lasting coverage with your concealer apply a touch of loose powder before you apply it. This will keep it from creasing later in the day.
  • If you have dark blue under eye circles choose concealer on peach side and if you have dark grey under eye circles make sure that your concealer is in pinkish shade.
3. Powder Tips:
  • To keep moisture away, apply a light brushing of loose powder first on clean skin before you apply your foundation. This first layer of powder helps foundation settle down better if your base disappears in a few hours.
  • If you want your makeup to last all day spray your face with water after you have applied all your makeup to set your colors and setting powder because it really does make a difference.
4. Eye Shadow Tips:
  • For best results, apply your eye shadow color on the side of eye shadow brush not the tips. Apply it by pressing not by brushing it because it will cause the shadow to fall and will be wasted.
  • To make a powdered shadow color look stronger, apply it with a makeup sponge or an applicator.
  • For a softer version of an eye shadow, take some white or cream colored eye shadow first on your brush, and then apply your color.
5. Lipstick Tips:
  • For extra staying put a dot of a shine control or matte product on your lips. Let it settle down and then apply your lipstick as usual.
  • If you want a lip color that will last all day use a red cream blush on the lips, it will last forever because cream blush has a higher staying quality.
  • If you have dry lips apply any lip balm first and then apply your regular lipstick on top. You will get longer lasting results.
  • If you love mixing two lipsticks but always end up getting darker shades, mix the lipsticks falling in the same shades of two reds or two pinks etc.
6. Lip Pencil Tips:
  • If you want a universal lip pencil that will go with every lipstick color you own, then buy any shade of a rosy nude color which will definitely work. The closest to your natural lip color would be the most appropriate. Remember to draw a lip line first, fill in the lip with pencil and after that apply your lipstick or lip gloss on top.
  • If you want to darken any lipstick color then apply a light brown lip pencil over your lips and then out your lipstick color on top. Instant depth.
  • For flawless lips, apply your lip pencil both before and after applying your lipstick.
7. Lip Gloss Tips:
  • If you want your lip gloss to stay on longer, brush a spot of loose powder on lips first and then your lip gloss.
  • If you want to create a fuller lip put on a dot of shimmer lip gloss over your lipstick. The lighter, shimmering color will create an impression of a fuller pout.
  • In moist weather lip gloss fades quickly. In order to keep the look, apply matte lipstick in a very light shade and powder and then apply lip gloss.
8. Blush Tips:
  • For a glowing skin, tap blush on the apples of your cheeks and never apply blush underline of the bottom of your nose because you will look like you are feeling cold. By smearing color directly below your eye on the apples of your cheeks, you will probably draw attention to your eyes.
  • For right amount of blush every time, notice where you hit with your brush at first where the color will be the strongest and then balance out from there.
9. Eye Pencil Tips:
  • To keep your eye pencil on all day, apply a small amount of eyeshadow on top with an eyeliner brush over your pencil. You need the best eyebrow pencil.
  • If you run out of your liquid eyeliner or eye pencil, apply a thin line of mascara with your eyeliner brush as eyeliner. The mascara will stay for hours and give you a great effect.
Eye Pencil
  • If you face problem in sharpening your pencil put it in refrigerator overnight and then sharp it. It will always give perfect tip.
  • If your eyelashes are small then you can use fake eyelashes so that your eye look larger.
  1. Great tips! I totally love the water in the foundation trick. It helps so much 😀

  2. Megan 7 years ago

    Great tips! I had no idea about eyeliner in the refrigerator! I also like to mix my foundation with primer I think it lasts longer.

  3. Thanks dear

  4. Yeah, try it…

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