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Most unique fashion accessories for 2019


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Heya Love,
As we all know fashion trends changes in a short span of time. So as a fashion nut I try not to leave any fashion trends behind. So, I focus special attention on rings, earrings, bags, shoes, bracelets or wristbands and in search of new trends I go through searching on internet, magazines etc.

Here are the 4 most unique accessories for 2019:

1. Statement Earrings
I have fallen in love with this statement earrings and they become my obsession. They are a cool and fun way to accessorize a minimal outfit and give you that “Fashion Style” edge. I wear statement earrings alone and it steal the spotlight!
2. Wristbands
Among all the accessories I like to wear custom silicone wristbands while sidewalk, going for a party wearing cool silicone bracelets. As it is simple and can be matched with various outfits. They are less expensive when order in a bulk than other fashion accessories. You can also have customized it as per your need to promote your business, based on type of occasion.
As per my view custom silicone wristbands is the best accessories stuff as a fashion statement or for a merchandise.
3. Layers dress

You can also layer your outfit in different styles based on the place you are going like:Layered look always different and stylist also it gives a perfect complement to your curves and create the illusion of silhouette. I used to wear it by mixing it with fabric and print with different length so that it gives an amazing and unique look to my outfit.
  • If you are going to office, you can wear a horizontal/ vertical layering like thinnest dress (T-shirt, dress etc.)
  • If you are going out casually or in a party you can wear a Fabrics like cardigan, jean jacket etc.
4. Chokers
I usually don’t like heavy necklace, So I option for chokers. If you are my type of girls then you can also option for chokers, it will go with any types of vibe and look.
  • You can also have worn it with your everyday outfits to give a stylist look.
  • You can also wear it in some special occasions like date with your loved one to give your dress fashionable look.
What are you waiting for? Please let us know in comment section below if you have tried any of the fashion accessories, and which one is your favorite.

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