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Top Tips: How to Look Glam Without Much Effort


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Although ‘90s grunge tried to make a comeback in the last couple of years, the style has definitely evolved into a much more sophisticated version. Stylish young men and women decided to do without the “roll off the bed, don’t bother to shower” process to achieving the “raw, hard, yet carefree” trend, and cleaned up the style some. Hair was loose and wavy, but smelled and looked clean. Matte makeup was not an all over the face deal. Matte skin was balanced by the look of hydrated lips, or the flatness of matte lipstick was neutralized by wet-looking eye shadow or healthy, radiant skin.

Grunge in the new millennium is the result of the learned fashion faux pas committed by Generation X – the consumers of the trend, as top stylists claim. In resurrecting the tough and cool grunge style for the younger crowd, they wanted to make sure that 10 to 20 years from now, nobody would look at the revival with great disapproval.
This is their goal with every trend revival. They want an improvement – a more polished look. Likewise, they want it to be more accessible because regular people live rather hectic lives and are always searching for ways to look stylish without spending too much time achieving a particular style that the fashion world and the rest of society approve of.
Creating a polished appearance no matter what style you’re going for is all about the basics, according to a Dubai model agency that represents some of the big names in the international fashion industry. Cover the fundamentals, and looking impressively put-together will be a breeze.

The Best Tips for Looking Polished Without Spending Too Much Money and Time

1. Make elevating outfits without breaking the bank easy with solid neutrals:
When you’re working with neutrals, tone on tone dressing automatically becomes easy. The advantage with single-tone dressing is that it elongates the body and makes you look slimmer. Also, this works for everybody.

A neutral palette for your wardrobe is not only perfect for tone on tone dressing. It also makes pairing easy -peasy. Blacks look great with earth tones; ditto with whites, creams, grays and navy – all classic hues that never go out of season. Plus, neutral pieces don’t look too “specific.” Other people won’t be able to tell if they’re new or that you’ve worn them countless times.

2. Invest in classic wardrobe pieces:

shutterstock 298041461
Wardrobe pieces


Some of the classic pieces everybody should have are tailored black trousers, a crisp white button-down top, a flattering blazer, a neutral colored trench coat, comfortable fitted jeans, a black and a brown belt, V-neck shirts in white, black, and grey, a striped top, a little black dress for women, or a custom-fit suit for men. These pieces work with each other and for all seasons.
3. Don’t bust so much money on makeup – invest in high quality skin care products instead:
Take a cue from the French who aren’t inclined to hoard makeup but just have basic makeup they can use every day. They pay more attention to make skin look great instead of covering it up.

Put more money into skin care products that are suitable for your skin type. This way, you won’t have to do so much to make yourself look nice.

4. Use neutral colors for face makeup but don’t be afraid to go bold with lipstick:

Bold Lipstick
You only need one makeup palette for day-to-day glam and special occasions, but don’t scrimp on a good lipstick. You’ll get wonderful functional mileage from a good lippie and you’ll never go wrong with the shade of red that goes with your skin tone.
5. Establish what style you genuinely like – not what the fashion magazines dictate:
Always go with what works for you and you’ll avoid wasting money on clothes that you’ll get very little use out of. Another advantage with this is that once you’ve established your personal style, you can look put-together and polished in a jiffy.
6. Use hair gel to tame your hair:
Take the advice of the most in-demand models from top modeling agencies in Dubai – use hair gel for sleek, elegant hair. It can tame frizz, hold curls better, and achieve that wet look that always looks chic.
7. Wear your height proudly:

fashion 1779136 1920 
It doesn’t matter if you’re 4’11” or 5’10” – holding good posture will do wonders for your overall appearance.
Looking effortlessly flawless is possible with all of these tips. Implement these everyday until looking good becomes a habit and your life’s standard.
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