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The style that speaks the loudest is often one that doesn’t try the hardest. As a guy, it can be hard to find a specific style without picking something too gimmicky or over the top. On the opposite end of the spectrum, I’ll find rack after rack of bland, boring clothes that don’t express my character. Luckily, there’s hope of finding that fine line in between — something I like to call a hidden gem.

Finding a perfect piece of clothing you must have isn’t uncommon, but to come across an entire line of awesome, one-of-a-kind items is like finding a unicorn. Well start believing in miracles because the Spiritual Gangster mens collection has what you’ve been looking for. This line of clothing walks the tightrope between authenticity and character. Inspired by yogis, athletes, dreamers, and artists, the brand is a clear combination of creative minds and is nothing short of incredible.

Active wear

Spiritual Gangster active wear is made with high-quality material so soft you won’t want to change after the gym. The designs are really functional too. From ventilation to pocket placement, this clothing company considers it all. The best part is, majority of these items can be worn in the gym or on the street. Most shirts are stretchable, contour the body, and can easily can double as gym wear. For me, this is crucial because I don’t like the fuss of separating gym clothes from fashionable clothes. That way I can wake up, grab one of my Spiritual Gangster t-shirts, and go anywhere with confidence inside and outside the gym.
If you’re a tank top guy, the performance muscle tanks are a popular style for breath ability and comfort. As for your lower half, Spiritual Gangster has an assortment of shorts, pants, leggings, and joggers. For runners I highly recommend the compression leggings. They keep you warm when running in the cold and help compress the legs for optimized speed. Personally, I prefer the joggers. They are loose around the legs, much more my style, and have zippers. So when lying down on the bench press, running around, or changing outfits your phone won’t be falling out of your pocket. In bigger cities this can be a theft prevention tactic too. Athlete or not, this added security is much appreciated.
Before coming across the Spiritual Gangster line I never considered myself as a big fan of shorts, but the varsity vintage black gym shorts speak for themselves. The cutoff hem style matched with perfect length size makes them a must have. From lounging around the house to hitting the gym, these fleece shorts will be your new best friend. Luckily, they sell a decent variety of them.

Street wear

Looking good in the gym is awesome, but looking good outside the gym is a much higher priority for most. Spiritual Gangster street wear gives you that casual look, but it’s obvious you have good sense of style. The designers use a very attractive color palette, most shades match easily and interchangeably with other items. On colder days, stay warm and looking good with the Mantra Parka jacket. It’s made with military-grade water repellent cotton twill so you can be confident this jacket will stay dry through any storm. Keep personal items dry too by using the snap and zip pocket closures.
Most of the time, hoodies are a more appropriate choice. The softest hoodies I own are all from Spiritual Gangster. Not only are they comfortable, but the material and color pigment are designed to last, wash after wash. When sporting street wear from Spiritual Gangster, the subtle nods to your personality are apparent. Especially for items decorated with meaningful quotes or that advertise the company logo. Mostly because Spiritual Gangster is more than a cool brand.

Beyond the Brand

The company was established around the idea that all beings deserve equality and freedom. Founders hoped to inspire the younger generation by combining modern style with ancient wisdoms. Most items have yoga-inspired quotes or other meaningful sayings reminding people to be grateful, kind, generous, or to encourage positivity.
Spiritual Gangster is always giving back and planning various community projects. Including an ongoing plan to eradicate world hunger. The culture behind the product makes supporting the brand even easier.
High quality clothes are never cheap. For the bargain hunter in all of us, Spiritual Gangster offers a massive surplus of apparel on sale. I’m talking deals so sweet it’s hard to leave without making a purchase. Luckily in my case, that never ends up being a bad thing. Spiritual Gangster is the one-of-a-kind clothing outlet I’ve been searching for. So here’s to letting good vibes speak louder than words.
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