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A guide grooms-to-be for choosing a perfect indo-western for wedding


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Most people think that the bride takes the most part of the limelight on the wedding day. But, that is not true. The bride and the groom together take the whole of the limelight. So, the groom has to pay equal attention to his wedding dress as well.
The wedding is the biggest day of one’s life and one definitely wants to be perfectly dressed for the occasion. So, it is necessary that the wedding dress for men is so chosen that the groom stands out from the rest of the crowd.
For men who generally go around in comfortable clothes without concerning themselves with fashion, it is difficult to decide what factors need to be considered while choosing a male Indo-Western dress for a wedding.
With the bride too busy and tied up in preparations and planning for her own dress, the groom may feel confused and lost while choosing wedding dress all on his own.
I have been approached with several questions regarding choosing men’s Indo-Western for the wedding. So, I finally decided to write a blog that helps out all those confused grooms out there.

Factors consider while choosing a wedding dress for men:

1. The colour: This is obviously the first and foremost factor a groom has to consider before starting the search into-western dress for the wedding. He should first talk to his fiancé about the colours. The bride-to-be would already have planned the colour theme that you would need to follow as the wedding dress of the groom should complement the bride’s wedding dress. Also, only your bride-to-be would have the best ideas of what colours suit you the best as she is the one who knows you the best, isn’t she? The wedding season is the time when men can deviate from the plain shades and wear pastels. The groom-to-be can put forth his preference and then look for an Indo-Western for wedding of that colour.

Indo-Western for wedding
2. The style: This is the part where most men are completely bemused. With all the time spent after games and action movies, they generally have no idea about fashion and style. This makes choosing a wedding dress even harder. So, you should just stop procrastinating and start trying out various styles that are available in a wedding dress for men. Only when you try on every style, you would be able to determine what suits you the best. The words royalty, classiness, and glamour should be forefront on your mind while choosing your style. Never pick a style that does not seem to have the above 3 words in its description by you.
The style is something that depends completely on your taste. So, feel free to experiment while looking for an indo-western dress that catches your eye.
3. The material: While choosing a wedding dress for the big day, you obviously want a look that gives you a classy look. Nothing talks classy like a luxurious fabric. Invest your time in feeling fabrics and checking out which feels comfortable and luxurious. Premium and high-grade silk, cotton and velvet are generally preferred as they do not crease and give the required glamourous look throughout the day. No matter how beautiful the patterns and embroidery are, you will get a tainted get up if the material is chosen is flimsy or of low-grade. The style will be perfectly highlighted when coupled with a high-quality cloth material. So, choose wisely and do not hesitate to spend a few extra rupees on the right material.

The three factors, when combined will give you a wedding dress that will make your wedding day even more memorable. Also, in the case of wedding dress for men, the length plays an important role. Try indo-western attires above the knee as well as below the knee and then decides which suits you more.
The key to finding the suitable wedding dress for men is to carefully look for things that suit your taste and style preferences.

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