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7 Steps to Reinvent Your Look Without a Permanent Commitment


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Do you feel like your overall appearance and vibe have become stale? Like the clothes you wear and your makeup are just so predictable? Do you find yourself longing to reinvigorate your style and rekindle the joy of getting ready to face the world?
If you are not after making permanent changes, then you can be assured that nothing much really needs to be done. However, if you have grown accustomed to a particular routine in creating your look, making even small changes can be quite daunting. You might even be already talking yourself out of the idea of reinvention, because why fix something that isn’t broken, right?
Here’s the thing: Feeling dissatisfied with your look, although not extremely so, is a recognition of your need for a change. And when you accept that knowledge, it indicates your understanding that you will come out better because of it.
So, take a deep breath, shush that fear, and just take that bold step towards creating a better you.

How to Go About Reinventing Your Look

Here are the seven steps towards achieving aesthetic reinvention without the permanent commitment, as recommended by the beauty experts at Kozma and Kozma Dubai.
1.     Identify what can be improved:
Stand in front of a mirror and just give yourself a thoughtful overall inspection. Are those pants you’re wearing working to flatter your shape? Is your skin looking a bit sallow? Does your hair take a long time to tame, and does it easily get unruly as the hours pass? Does your posture need improvement?
It is crucial to take this first step so you can also identify the best solutions to try. If you cannot seem to pinpoint what you are currently unhappy about regarding the way you look, the best thing to do is to turn to a professional for helpful insights.
2.     Decide on the sequence of improvements that must be made:
Reinvention becomes less overwhelming when it doesn’t all happen in one go. Want to know that single perfect “small” change that is not that scary to make, but has a huge impact? A hair treatment.
Visiting a top-notch hair salon in your area to refresh the look of your hair can be your excellent first change. Tell the stylist what your “mane” issue is and they can present the best treatment option to solve it.
3.     Experiment with makeup:
The beauty of makeup is that it introduces you to looks that give you an overall different vibe, but it washes off at the end of the day. Makeup has that amazing transformative power, but you can return to your original look whenever you want to.
4.     Change your daily jewelry choices, or start wearing some:
Jewelry has the ability to highlight your features. A pair of earrings can enhance your jawline and direct focus on the length of your neck; the same goes with a necklace. A nice watch, on the other hand, can make you look more polished.
Make the effort to glam up with jewelry, even with simple pieces. This is an easy way to pull your look together, feel more luxurious, and become ready and confident to face anyone.
5.     Get your clothes tailored:
Clothes Tailored
Clothes Tailored
With this measure, the clothes that you have always owned will be made to become flattering on your body. People can easily overlook the power of clothes that fit perfectly, and they shouldn’t – you certainly shouldn’t. The right clothing fit can smooth over all kinds of flaws and issues and even make you look fitter than you actually are. You will get a huge boost of confidence in your overall appearance.
6.     Wear your height:
A change in posture does wonders to a person’s look. From looking tired and uninterested, you can look “large and in charge” just by standing up straighter, pulling your shoulders back, and creating a perfect right angle with your chin and neck. This is an easy change you can make to reinvent your appearance.
7.     Lastly, flash that pretty smile more:
A smile is the best thing you can wear to positively transform how you look and feel. The wonderful thing about it is that it’s free and looks good on you every single time.
Changing things up with the way you look does not have to require a lot of effort and irreversible actions, so don’t be afraid. Once you have made some easy transformations, you will find yourself more open to opportunities for change, and reaping the associated benefits.

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