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Play with Your Lips: Tips on How to Choose the Best Lipstick Shade For You


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Every woman deserves to be admired and appreciated. One way of achieving this is to look good and beautiful. Indeed, it is favorable that there is beauty in simplicity. However, for some of those who wear lipstick and makeup, it instantly boosts their confidence. It also adds a stylish and charming vibe to your personality.
A shade of lipstick can put a woman over the top of a dating game for it is more appealing to opposite sex. Using a lipstick also brings out the beauty within you. Aside from looking beautiful, lipsticks are also beneficial for lip protection.
shade of lipstick
On the other hand, given that there are so much lipstick shades available on the market right now, it is confusing to choose what’s the best for you. It will take time, and it’s hard for you to pick what color to buy. Here are some tips can help you choose what’s the best color that suits you. Keep scrolling down and find out.

Determine Your Skin Tone

When you decide to buy a lipstick, it’s best that you examine first what skin tone you have. Upon determining, you should:
  • Check your skin under natural lighting – You can easily identify your skin tone when you’re under natural light, with this you’ll quickly know if your skin is fair, tan, medium, or dark.
  • See what undertone do you have – Skin undertones can be yellow or pink; yellow indicates that your skin is warm and pink on the other hand is cool.
Another way of determining your undertone is checking your wrist veins; if the color of your veins looks blue, then you have a cool undertone, and if it is green, it’s warm.
  • Try to match your skin with different jewelry –  Referring to metal jewelry can also be a great aid to determine your skin tone; if your skin is more suitable to silver jewelry, it implies coolness, and otherwise warmth for gold.
  • Observe how your skin reacts with sunlight – If you’re under the sun, and your skin burns before you tan, it implies that you have a cool undertone. Otherwise, if your skin tans quickly under the sun, you have a warm skin tone.

Discover the Right Shade 

Lipstick Shade
After determining your skin tone, you need to know what colors or shade of lipstick that suits the skin you have. Try considering the following:
  • Fair Skinned – If you are a fair skinned woman, shades of rich red, peach, orange, red with purple, true pink, and true red, are perfect for you.
  • Tan Skinned – For tan or olive skin, you should stick to colors red orange, nude, and other warmer shades.
  • Medium Skinned – Brown, creamy, blue-red, berry-toned, pink-nude, and coffee brown lipsticks will look gorgeous on you.
  • Dark Skinned – Colors like deep plums, berries, deep purple, warm brown, burnt orange, chocolate caramel, matte black, blackened green are best for a woman with a darker skin tone.
You could also easily choose a shade based on your undertones:
    • For Warm Undertone: Fiery and burning lipstick shades like red is appealing to you.
  • For Cool Undertone: Icy or complimentary lipsticks is splendid for you.

Be Creative

When you can’t decide what color of lipstick to wear, all you need to do is to be creative. You can make your variations, and try to mix and match the shades you love. You just need to make sure that it won’t compromise your look.
 shade of lipstick


Being gorgeous is what most women like to achieve. It feels so good when someone appreciates and admires us for looking charming and attractive. Given this, one way of attaining it is wearing the right shade of lipstick. That’s why it is inevitable for some of us to put on lipsticks every single day.
Thus, with all the various lipstick shades available in the market nowadays, it can be confusing for every woman to choose what color to wear. Hence, following the tips above can be a great help for you to have the best and suitable lipstick to wear. Sites like Deal Wiki can also be an excellent guide for you.
  1. Elena Toma 5 years ago

    These are some really great makeup tips.I love wearing red lipstick.

  2. Just for me, the more natural the better. Hehe but that is just for me.

  3. These are great tips. I don't wear make up, but I tend to prefer seeing more natural tones.

  4. K. 5 years ago

    I love deep colours that pop on my skin so plums, berries, deep reds, deep copper, purple and navy blue lol. I'm searching for a black lipstick as well.

  5. Lord Rama Bhakt 5 years ago

    Wow, such a great tips here. this post is also helpful for them who believes in being simple. but thus tips would make simple yet attractive.

    Elizabeth O

  6. Marjorie Nazaire 5 years ago

    Although, I no longer wear lipstick everyday. I always love berries and warm brown colors.

  7. Dalene E. 5 years ago

    The lipstick shades look so beautiful! I go for deep red shades since I'm tan and it suits me perfectly! Sometimes, going neutral also works with brown shades.

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