Fashion Trends for Girls In 2020 (Updated)


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“Fashion has always been a repetition of ideas but what makes it new, is the way you put it together “ – Carolina Herrera 
Everybody has right to be glamorous in their own way. And they should use that right in a best way. The world we are living in, fashion is not only meant for Runway Models and Celebrities. In environment of such fast communication, women from every field of life are getting updated every season so are the trends. 

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Fashion changes its trends as fast as lightning. So here are some exclusive trends to grab for looking tremendously glamorous

duster coats
Duster coats

1.Viable duster coats: The Ultimate Perfectionists 

Particularly, these are best for pre-fall season to give you a very spiffy and snazzy look especiallywhen you left it unbuttoned. It could be worn with any kind of smart jumpsuit to embrace. Alsoyou can wear it with top and jeans or culottes. You can avail bluenotes coupons to get your handson latest coats collection from brands.

2.Espadrille Heels: Ready to bomb around


Although, there are many kinds of heels that can be worn based on your own choice and style, but these heels are the must-have to rock around. These heels really embrace your personality. Additionally there are several variations in size of heels long and short. You can buy these heels according to your height. Get your hands on your favorite pair of shoes with bluenotes coupons.

3.Metallic Shoes: Magical dreams under you feet

Metallic shoes are surging. This one is THE MOST CHIC trend of all.

Metallic touch gives out magic in every product if fashion whether they are shoes, bags or clothes. There is a wide range of stunning shoes which look absolutely up-to-the-minute. Like oxfords, flip flop, sneakers or any kind of heels. They work like magic. Ding* Ding* Ding*

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Metallic touch in clothes or any jackets and coats are also THE LATEST TREND
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4.Clipped out Denim: The Swank


This is the era of denim. You can wear denim anyway you want, but nowadays whether its your jacket or your pants, clipping it a little out would give this a bit more trendy look.

Denim never goes out of style. But nowadays Denim is so in fashion that it could be worn in any style. Like denim bell-bottom pants, denim jumpsuit, denim jackets with patch and also its handbags are SO IN. They will give you a very tony new look. Doubling denim would also look magnificent and groovy.

5.80’s fashion? 80’s fashion: Just press the resume button


80’s fashions were so complex as well as snazzy, that they are all the way back in this time. If you look around, you’ll notice that 70% of fashion trends nowadays are originated from 80’s fashions.

Like ripped jeans, silver and gold look in clothes, wide belts, glittery sequins, puffy shoulders, lace accessories, high water pants, sporty touch, ribbons, shoes without laces, bell bottoms, neon and many more in clothing line. But the game is not over yet. Broad range of make-up is also emanated from 80’s. Namely colorful blush, poufy hair, rainbow colored eye lids, pencil liner in your waterlines etc.

6.Stripes: As old as time


Stripes are the thing which you can anyway like literally ANYWAY and you still look magnificent. They will give you a very sporty and smart look. And the best thing in wearing stripes is you can add any color and as many colors as you want. Stripes are quintessential. Wearing stripes whether they are thin or thick or you add both of them in one dress, vertically, horizontally or zigzag, all of them will look spectacular. They can be added in any wearable thing, even in your accessories. Get the most valued product from [company] in affordable rates with blue note coupons.

7.Drawstring bucket bags: The MOD


Leave your old styled bags behind; say hi to the bucket bags because life is too short to wear boring bags. They are the must-have bags. Also they are easy to carry around and most of them have large capacity to adjust your tons of stuff. Whether you are a college going girl or a working woman, this bag will give you a real support and style.

8.Bag with her skirts and accessories: Dope


This year bags with tassels and fringes (looks like bag is wearing mini-skirt) are doping around.  These are the most eye-catching thing to accessorize their selves.

Also you can add a little something supplementary to you simple handbag to show your fun side. And remember that accessories sometime need accessories which you can chic up with pompoms, monograms, charms, or tassels.

9.Bold Lips: Red and Retro


Red or any other bold color are going to last in 2017 trends. Those who believe the other wie are the people not to be trusted with fashion trends. With minimal make up look, Red will make you go Oh lala where ever you go.

10.Shimmer eyes: Sparkly vision


With the flooded Instagram posts glitter trend is going to last this year till God knows how long. But the perfection lies in wearing it with less perfection. Scattered glitter along your eye lashes is the best and time saving way to wear when you are hanging out with your dudettes. Avail the discounts on  makeup products and glitter pallets using blue note coupons.

Despite of whatever the trends are going around make sure whatever you carry, carry with style and comfort, The secret to your trendy classy look lies in the experimentation with the trending looks and styles. Are you following any specific trend in 2020? Comment below to let us know! 

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