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Trending Rave Fashion Styles In 2019


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Why should you rave? Well, the answer to this question is nothing very mind blowing. It’s all about fun and entertainment that makes people go to rave parties. This is not the regular fun that we have at club parties or amusement parks. It is more about being active and creative. No matter you are alone at rave parties or with your friends, a true raver enjoys every moment without thinking about anyone. It’s not just about dancing, wearing good clothes, meeting new people. It’s all about sharing life with the people you know and you don’t know. You can experience the life to the fullest in rave parties or EDC events.

What you are wearing at a rave party, it doesn’t matter much as these parties give you complete freedom to express yourself freely. There are no specific set of laws for EDC or rave, but whatever you choose to wear should be bright and vibrant as these parties are meant to spread vivacity and liveliness through bold colors in any form. Whether you are wearing vibrant and bold clothes or your accessories are unique, you are meant to look different and multihued at these events. There are several ways through which you can look like a true raver or partier.

  • Stunning Bright Tops/shirts: EDC festivals or rave parties have become fashion oriented these days and encourage attendees to dress to the nines and express themselves through exciting outfits. Wearing Crop Tops, Muscle Tanks, Rave Bras, Tank Tops & T-Shirts in bold or neon colors could be a good option. All these women tops are also available in different characters styled using bold and pulsating colors. Bras as a top could provide you with a major look. Just think about dazzling bras amped up with sequences or LED lights. These shiny bras will definitely divulge your body curves and let you stand out in the crowd. When it comes to men’s rave fashion, they have multiple options in short sleeve shirts and tanks. These include Graphic Tanks, Premium Tanks, Graphic Tees, Premium Tees & Hoodie Tees. No matter you are a man or woman, you can easily find some exciting top options to wear on rave.
  • Striking Bottoms: Donning nicely designed tops is quite wonderful, but matching it with incredible intricately designed bottom adorned with unique design patterns could make you look spectacular.  For women, booty shorts and leggings are the best options to wear as a bottom. Booty shorts are a comfortable option for those who feel hot and sweat too much. This bottom type could definitely make you feel cool and also add style to your overall look. Those who don’t feel comfortable in any kind of exposure could choose brightly colored and patterned leggings. These are skin fit and with all over design. Similarly, men can choose joggers and shorts to team up with their shirts. Both these bottoms are available in exclusive design patterns in neon or bold colors.
  • Stylish Outwear: Questions that knocks every mind is – how hoodies can make you look trendy and tasteful in rave or EDC events. When we talk about rave hoodies, then you need to create an imagination of a multihued hoodie with intense images. These are not like normal men’s hoodies. These are as stylish and elegant as your rave t-shirts or tops. You can easily buy hoodies online available in different forms like sweatshirts, zip ups, and pullovers. These are the best option to wear for outdoor events or rave parties organized during winters.
Apart from edc outfits, you can choose different rave accessories like diffraction glasses, goggles, Kandi, light up accessories and much more to boost your rave style. Styling for rave has never been so interesting before. With a website like iEDM.com, you can easily add some classy pieces into your wardrobe that look beautiful on you. Stay prepped and ready without much hassle with a stylish rave collection available at iEDM.com.    

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