Machinery Maintenance

Spending Too Much Money On Machinery Maintenance?


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Maintaining machinery can be expensive – especially when it comes to heavy machinery used for construction and manufacturing. Here are just a few ways in which you can reduce costs and keep your machines maintained for less.

Shop around for fuel and lubricants

Many machines require fuel and lubricant in order to run. By regularly shopping around for suppliers, you could save yourself money on these supplies. There are many sites like New Era Fuels where you can get a free quote. Consider buying in bulk and make sure to factor in costs of delivery when ordering fuel and lubricants.

Know when to repair and when to replace

When machinery breaks, knowing when to repair and when to replace can be important for helping you to save costs. If it’s only a minor fault, repairs are likely to be cheap and worthwhile. However, if it’s a major fault and you’re likely to spend more than half of the value of the machine, you may be better off investing in a replacement. You should also consider the average life span of the machine – modern PCs tend to have a life of 4 years, whilst some heavy equipment can last up to 50 years.  

Invest in preventative maintenance

Many companies only fix a machine once it has completely failed and become unusable – which can result in costly downtime. By fixing faults before they become seriously, you can avoid this and often save costs on the repairs themselves (you may only have to replace one part instead of several parts).

Keep machinery clean

When machinery becomes dusty or dirty, it can become more prone to blockages and overheating. Make sure to keep machinery clean. This could be a case of controlling the air quality – air purifiers as provided by Camfil could help to pick up dust that could easily clog up fans and filters leading to expensive repairs.

Train staff thoroughly

Your staff should also be trained thoroughly when it comes to maintenance. Many machinery faults are the result of employees skipping or slacking on maintenance checks. By training employees from the start and possibly supplying a handbook, you may be able to ensure that machinery is thoroughly maintained or a regular basis.

Consider leasing machinery

It’s possible to lease machinery in certain cases. Whilst this means paying a monthly rental fee, some equipment lease companies will handle all maintenance for you, saving you the cost of servicing and repairs. Always use a respectable lease company so that you know you’re getting the best equipment and highest quality maintenance possible.

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