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7 Style Tricks to Help You Look and Feel More Put Together Every Day


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Don’t you find it fascinating how some people seem to always look like they have it together? They look good all the time and are just ready to go – just – like – that.
But, ask any of them how they manage that and they will tell you that the secret to their impeccable style is a collection of tricks that they have discovered and perfected over time. The most important one for sure is about having an understanding of their body and knowing what styles look good on them.
Style truly is all about knowing what works, and here are seven tricks that have been proven to work every time in elevating a look and making a woman look and feel absolutely fab.

7 tricks that have been proven to work every time:

1. Invest in a long dress
Long Dress
Long Dress
It doesn’t matter if it’s a long flowing maxi dress or a fitted one because either can be dressed up or down easily. A flowing dress without a defined shape just needs to be belted or worn with a structured jacket to look more sophisticated. Meanwhile, a fitted one can easily go from casual to chic with the right accessories.
For any day that you simply do not know what to wear to look “right,” trust a long dress to come to your rescue. It offers infinite possibilities no matter what style you are aiming for.
2. Wear a red lip color
Red Lip Color
Red Lip Color
Find your perfect shade of red lipstick to quickly create a confident look. Red is a color that can automatically change the way you feel. Also, it is the perfect style solution for those days when you are strapped for time and cannot do a full face of makeup.
3. Always have a pair of sunglasses on you
Take a cue from Hollywood celebrities who rarely go out during the day (and sometimes, even at night) without a pair of sunnies on.
And for a glam look, take the time to choose the most flattering frames for the shape of your face. When it comes to spectacles taking your style to the next level, it is never about the brand but rather the shape of the frames that enhance your facial features.
4. Wear classic earrings
You can never go wrong with pearls or gold hoops. There’s nothing like anything that has a lovely luster or shine to instantly make you look effortlessly sleek.
Pearls always look elegant. Even if you are just in a simple black top and jeans, when you don pearl earrings, your entire look will automatically go from casual to classic.
Gold hoops, meanwhile, are versatile yet regal. They can emphasize everything from your high cheekbones to your delicate jawline and neck. Also, gold looks good on any skin tone; it either enhances deeper skin tones or brings warmth to pale skin.
5. Create the perfect fit using a belt
The beauty of a belt is it can highlight a slim waist or create the illusion of a waist. Either way, it can achieve the right fit for most types of clothing for that polished appearance.
6. A cropped leather jacket will serve you well
Leather Jacket
Leather Jacket
Whatever outfit you have in your closet will look more attractive when you pair it with a cropped leather jacket. The wonderful thing about this fashion piece is it hugs a woman’s curves the right way, so it provides a punch of sexy and edge to everything from a floral dress to a basic white shirt and jeans combo.
Extra Tip: When buying a leather jacket, avoid those styles that look too busy because of all the embellishments. A lot of fringes, studs, buttons, and zippers can actually diminish the versatile appeal of the piece.
7. Wear a scarf
Achieve Paris chic, or old Hollywood glam, or safari sophistication with a colorful scarf. Scarves add a splash of color to any outfit and also bring a lovely dimension to basic pieces.
There you go – seven amazing style tricks that you can easily pull off. Implement these tricks and look so impressively good that everybody you meet can only take you seriously.

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