Build Up Your YouTube Video Promotion

Build Up Your YouTube Video Promotion


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Every new content producer in 2023 is interested in learning how to YouTube video promotion for free. Who will watch your videos if you don’t have any subscribers on your YouTube channel?

I could have outdone myself by offering some stale and dull YouTube marketing advice for YouTube video promotion, but you know what? If you don’t have any money or subscribers, things will be difficult and you won’t get as excellent of outcomes.

Today, I’ll explain how to advertise YouTube videos without paying a cent, even if you don’t have any subscribers.

YouTube Videos In Other Blogs And Websites

The best way to promote YouTube videos for free is to get in touch with all of the bloggers and content creators who write articles that are comparable to the videos on your YouTube channel and request that they embed your video on their website.

And if you ask them to embed your videos in their blogs or websites, you’ll see that it increases the number of views on our YouTube videos, sends YouTube more positive signals, and generally improves our ranks.

YouTube Videos With Subtitles

Every day, millions of videos are uploaded to YouTube, and hundreds of millions of people watch those videos. On YouTube, there are nearly 90+ English-language videos.

Although YouTube is extremely competitive, especially in English, getting views from other languages is not that difficult.

I only use the Urdu language in my videos. My second tactic is to make sure that your movie gets translated and transcribed into several languages. By doing this, I receive opinions in all other languages in addition to those from people who understand Urdu.

I don’t have many subscribers in many nations that don’t speak Urdu, but when I look at my YouTube statistics, I can see that many of these nations are growing in popularity just because we subtitle all of our videos in all of these nations (or regions).

Sending Emails To Blog Subscribers

Converting your email subscribers into YouTube channel subscribers is your third tactic. Take advantage of the audience you already have if you have a website or blog.

Imagine you run a website similar to mine. I have a list of email subscribers. I send an email to my subscriber list pointing to a fresh YouTube video I think folks will enjoy. Gaining more YouTube subscribers, views, and engagement is beneficial for improving your video’s position in suggested videos.

For my list of push notification subscribers, I follow the same procedure. For instance, I make more push alerts with I send a push notification when I publish a YouTube video that I know you’ll find interesting in order to increase the number of views.

Several external signals are among the numerous that YouTube examines. All of the outside signals show that people adore this content, and YouTube is where it performs best.

Create A Blog For Your YouTube Channel

Without appropriate SEO, getting quality organic traffic from search engines is considerably more difficult today. Look at your most popular blog entries if good organic search results are bringing visitors to your blog or website.

The most interesting and well-liked posts can be seen in Google Search Console or Google Analytics. Look at the most visited pages. Find the videos that are most related to the YouTube clip or video you’ve made, and then embed those videos, as I do on, into your blog post or web page.

Your videos will receive regular views in this method. Also, you’ll notice that visitors are remaining longer on your website, which lowers the bounce rate and enhances your rating. It is thus a win-win circumstance.

Users will stay on your website for a longer period of time, which will increase user metrics and your overall Google ranking in addition to increasing your YouTube views and subscriber count.

The Promotion Of Videos On Social Media

One of the most effective strategies to market a YouTube Channel is through sharing videos on various social media platforms.

You must build social media handles for your YouTube channel if you’re a video blogger or someone else who posts helpful and educational stuff there.

By doing this, you can build a community outside of YouTube and get visitors directly from other social media platforms.

The following social media platforms are included for free YouTube video promotion:

  • page on Facebook
  • Twitter account
  • Instagram account
  • a Pinterest account

To plan videos for publishing on your social media accounts, there are various solutions available, such as Social Pilot.

Here’s A Crucial Pointer:

Always distribute your video on a frequent basis.

In the week after a video is published, I typically share it at least five to six times. Use relevant and popular hashtags when sharing to help others find your content.

Employ Calls To Action

Telling your audience to take action and subscribe to your YouTube channel is a fantastic additional tactic. Users of social networking sites need to be aware of what to do.

At the conclusion of the video—or even in the middle—ask the audience to “like” and “subscribe” to your channel. You can also request that they tell others who might find the video useful.

The majority of the top YouTube content producers employ a “Call-to-action” technique to broaden the audience for their videos among already-subscribed users. Start it from your next video if you’ve never done it before. When you invite your current subscribers to share, you’ll be surprised to see how many more there are.

Add A Video To An Existing Playlist Or Use The YouTube Playlist Feature

A YouTube Playlist is a selection of related videos. A YouTube playlist is a fantastic technique to increase the number of views for your current videos for YouTube Video Marketing Services. Add a new video you’ve uploaded to a playlist (created or existing).

Follow These Steps To Create A New Playlist:

  • Give the playlist a catchy name and amend the playlist’s title to include a keyword.
  • Provide a thorough playlist description and include your keywords.
  • Organize related videos into a playlist.
  • Multiple playlists can only have one entry for a video.

Search results also include YouTube playlists. Your videos will become more well known as a result.

To learn more about how to make a playlist on YouTube, you can view this video:

Last Words

Even if you don’t have a single subscriber, if you use these tactics, your YouTube videos will gain a lot more views and subscribers. Don’t forget to follow me on YouTube as well.

Please leave a comment below if you have any queries or are unsure how to use these techniques. I’ll respond and assist you without a doubt. Don’t forget to share this blog post if you liked it, of course. I appreciate you reading.

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