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Suede Boots For Your Fashion Needs


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Suede is a type of leather that is mainly used for making shoes, jackets, and other apparels and accessories. The suede boots make a huge style statement in terms of fashion and are quite popular among fashionable and trendy people in today’s world. This is so because shoes made with this leather have a different kind of charm, which can be alluring to a person who wishes to buy a good and trendy pair of shoes. However, not many people opt for these shoes and this is due to various misconceptions about it that prevail in the mind of people and are doing the rounds.

What is the misconception and problem of the suede boots?

The major misconception about these boots is thinking that they are difficult to maintain and that any kind of damage done to boots will leave them useless in the days to come, as there is no way to save these boots from any kind of environmental harm.
Another problem that buyers have is the fact that the suede boots do not have the ability to cope up with the rainy weather, which can affect the amount of time you can wear the shoes and ends up restricting the free will of a buyer, which a person investing in the shoes would not like to face.

How to protect these boots?

Suede Boots
These boots can have a life as long as of any other leather shoes if they are cared for properly. To ensure they last long through the years, a few steps demands to be followed and they are listed below:
# 1. Use protective spray: You can buy a spray to keep your suede boots new from any general store and this will ensure that the boots last longer. You only need to spray the boots after two months.
# 2. Regular cleaning: Make sure that you clean your boots at a regular interval to ensure the shoes remain new for a long time.
# 3. Suede brush: Make sure that you buy a suede brush along with your pair of shoes, as that will help in maintaining the look of your boots for a longer period of time and revive it once it has dulled down.
# 4. Liquid: If you find yourself in a situation where liquid has been spilled on your suede boots and you need to clean them, make sure that you carry some talcum powder or cornmeal, which can be used to absorb the liquid quickly. It will ensure that the shoes do not face any permanent damage.
# 5. Stains: Any stains made on the boots can be removed with the help of a brush or towel or in case of some stubborn stains; white vinegar can be used for the purpose of removing the stain.

How to store these boots?

Suede Boots
# 1. Do not keep them in harsh or constant light, as it may result in the loss of texture and fading of color of the shoes. Keep them in a cool and dry place to ensure maximum maintenance.
# 2. Air circulation is needed for the suede and hence these boots should be kept in cotton clothes when kept in the closet to ensure maximum air circulation.
# 3. It is advised to get your shoes cleaned by professionals before storing, as this will make sure that they last for a longer time with grace.
Any good thing in life needs care and so does the classic suede boots but not as much as people think. So, if you wish to increase your style quotient then, by all means, buy a pair of suede boots and rock your style statement.

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