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7 Kinds of Jeans That Will Be Worthy Enough for Your Customer’s Next Selfie


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Are you targeting the youth crowd for your denim store? Well, then you have to dig into the pulse of the customers so that you can simply create a paint-the-town-red collection for them. So, the first thing that really resonates with the youth of this generation is a selfie. The hashtag-obsessed generation cannot get enough of the selfie mania, wherever they go. And since denim means a perfect combination of comfort and style, they are most likely to opt for a pair of denim whenever they are going out.

Do not worry if you are from a different generation and cannot quite understand the latest trends of the season, or are absolutely clueless about what will catch the attention of the denim-loving youngsters. There are a number of wholesale jeans manufacturers out there, who are quite a pro when it comes to gathering all the trendiest and chicest clothing items. Here, we have handpicked a few styles of jeans that have been loved over and over again by all the gorgeous ladies visiting your store.
Skinny Style: This one has been creating a rage since forever as it flatters all body types, and therefore accommodates any kind of fashion sense. With a tight fit from the hip to the ankle, these help the figure conscious beauties, a long and slender appearance.

Boot Cut: Remember the flared bottom pants from the 70s era? Well, they are back again in a sleeker version. With a low-rise waist, a slim cut through the thighs, and slight flaring from the knee area to the hemline, these can create a sassy retro look all the youngsters are craving now.
Boyfriend Style: Borrowing or stealing from the boyfriend’s wardrobe was quite a ‘thing’ earlier, giving an out and out chic and chilled out vibe but now your fashionable customers can simply own their own chilled-out version of denim with the Boyfriend Style jeans. Loosely fitted from the hip to the hem with a low waistline, these are perfect for a casual outing look.
Straight Cut: No denim addict can refrain themselves from owning this absolute classic pair of jeans. With a straight cut from the hip to the ankle, these perfectly complement all body types. These offer a unique element to your look- something between the plain-jane and sassy fashionista, and is a great combination of style and substance.

jeans1 Patchwork Denim: If your stylish diva-like customers are planning to go minimalists, this season, no worries. Instead of trying the heavy, ornamental, and embellished jeans, go for the patchwork denim. This has a refreshing twist to it that adds more playfulness to the jeans and yet does not give you an OTT feel.

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Two-Tone Denim: Give the beautiful denim fans something unique to cherish in their denim collection with the Two-tone Denim. Create a contrasting look within the same pair of jeans with two varying shades of blues. Pick combinations which have a bold verses subtle impact either on the front or at the pocket and see how this pulls the crowd towards your exquisite collection.
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Distressed Denim: Whether your customers are travelling to the airport, going to the movies, or heading out for a date, the distressed or ripped denim is absolutely a brilliant choice. It has the cool and casual appeal and at the same time, dons you with a cheeky, attractive style that puts all eyes on you.

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So, what are you wondering? Quickly start taking referrals or researching on the internet for a reputed and reliable wholesaler who has made quite a name in the market, be it for regular fashion or wholesale plus size fashion

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