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How to Prepare for a Fashion Shoot


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The work of a good blogger is never over. From writing and managing your own posts, to being your own fashion stylist and creative director. You need to make sure everything looks good before you post it, and sometimes, regardless of your experience, you’re at a loss. How do you organize a photo shoot and make it look beautiful and professional? If you’re new to this and aren’t sure how to go about it, we offer a few important, career changing tips that will help you make the photo shoot of your dreams.

Start a beauty regimen

Long before you even start with your shoot, you want to make sure your skin is ready for it. A few weeks or at least a few days before you begin, try intensifying your beauty regimen to make sure your skin is looking soft, smooth and glowing. Treat any issues such as acne or dryness carefully, and maybe try a few DIY facial masks to give yourself a bright radiance.

Find your inspiration


A haphazard photo shoot looks awkward and unprofessional, so you want to pick a theme and stick to it. Planning your outfits is essential because they will usually be the focus of every picture, so you want to craft a series of looks that you are satisfied with. Pinterest, fashion magazines, or even stores that offer dresses online can provide plenty of inspiration, so take your time and keep in mind that you’re telling people a story about yourself. Play with your style and you’ll get many good ideas.

Get a photographer and find your location

Working with a good photographer is essential because you need to find someone who understands your aesthetics and wants to work with you to accomplish all your goals. Since original photographs are one of the most important aspects of your blog, investing in someone who’s professional, punctual, and makes you feel comfortable is a good idea. Your photographer doesn’t need to be your friend, but you do want to be able to consult them and openly discuss your ideas. And when you pick a location, you should definitely get their opinion because this will be a backdrop for all your photographs and you want it to fit the style and themes you’re going for.

Do your hair and makeup on time

You don’t want to leave the house rushing, with curlers still in your hair and your mascara smudged over your eyelids. Everything needs to be properly packed, prepared and ready to go on the day of the shoot. You can paint your nails and wash your hair the night before, and it’s not a bad idea to practice accomplishing the look you want before the actual shoot. Think of the makeup look that would accentuate your outfits and play with colors a few days before the big event. If you aren’t sure what you want, the holographic trend and strobing are still very popular and they look great in pictures, or you could check out a few simple hair and makeup tutorials that will give that extra oomph to your style and make the whole thing look polished.

Be ready for touch ups

It’s inevitable that a problem will pop up at some point, and you want to be ready for it. Why let the whole shoot be ruined because of something as small as a popped button or smudged makeup? So bring a bag with you and pack some essentials. Lip balm and moisturizer to keep your skin smooth, various bobby pins to secure your hair in place, and makeup wipes to make sure your makeup is always perfect. It’s not a bad idea to have a few lipsticks on hand so you can change them according to your outfits. A lint roller can be a real life saver as well, and you definitely want to keep a water bottle near you. Photo shoots can be hard work, so you need to keep hydrated.
The most important tip you need to keep in mind is to just let yourself be creative. A photo shoot can let you express yourself in a wonderful way and if you’re a fashion blogger, it’s one of the best ways to work on your style and make your blog look incredibly professional. Give everything you do a personal touch and you can’t go wrong.

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