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Good Bye Clone like Dresses: Rock Free Style Bridesmaid Dresses


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You must be that bride whose wedding is just a few days away and you have given your bridesmaids the freedom from clone-like dresses.  Or maybe you are the bridesmaid who got the freedom to choose her own dress on her best friend’s wedding. Choosing something different from clone-like dresses can be tricky. So, when you are thinking of choosing the bridesmaid dresses you must be wondering, what you can choose for the occasion, right?  
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Well, let me tell you, by ditching the clone-like dresses, you are doing something really different. Generally, when I design the wedding dress for any bride, I get a request for styling clone-like dresses for the bridesmaids. If you ask me personally, I hate this trend that has been around since eternity or it feels like. If you have seen the film 27 Dresses, then you will understand the pain of the bridesmaid when she is forced to sport the same dress like all the other girls in the pack.
So, when it comes to free style bridesmaid dresses, it is necessary to know the limits. The bridesmaid surely can choose the dress that she likes. However, an element of synch should be there as the dresses should completely complement the look of the bride. So, if this is the trend of the wedding, then you must take a look at the following points. 

Trend Of The Wedding:

High Neckline Elegance
It is a day for the bride. She is the one who is supposed to look stunning. But, that doesn’t mean that you should be subdued in any way.Dressing elegantly is the key when you are thinking of becoming a vision as a bridesmaid; and also to add up to the glam quotient of the wedding. Try the elegant high neckline trend for the cheap bridesmaid dresses. This will not only make you look glamorous, but will also add up to the grace of the occasion.
Neutral Shades
Choosing pop colours can be a great option too, when you are attending the wedding. But, when you are choosing bridesmaid dress, pop colour can be a big no. The wedding gown will be white or ivory. To complement that look, the bridesmaid can wear the neutral shades. Solid hues will not only add to the feminine charm of the bridesmaid, but will also make them look truly stunning.
Play with the Length
Even after giving the freedom of choosing the dresses, the bridesmaids are going to think in the same line. In such a situation, standing away from the other will only be possible if you think of playing with the hemline. Playful asymmetrical, flowing grace or flirty short length, anything can look good if the wearer is going to sport it with confidence.
Synch in Accessories
Being a bride or a bridesmaid, if you are still worried about the synch, then choose the same accessories. Their dresses, colours and shades, and the style will be different. But, the accessories will surely help them to keep the balance of the look. 
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So, now as you know about the things that you can do even when choosing the different dresses for bridesmaid, what are you waiting for? Call your girls, decide the look and let them shop around.
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