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10 Essential Tips for International Vacations


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Modern technology has connected the world in a whole different way. Thanks to the internet, more information about countries and cultures is known. There is a global awareness of the diverse nations in the world today.
As a result, people have become curious about places beyond the boundaries of their homeland, and want to see the exotic locations featured online for themselves. Before you book that plane ticket, however, read the list of tips below.

What to do before you leave

1. Set an appointment with your doctor

As the saying goes, health is wealth. It’s important to be fit before leaving home so visit your doctor for a routine checkup. Vacations can be relaxing, but they can also require a lot of energy and physical activity (especially if you like the outdoors). Make sure that your body is ready for all the excitement ahead.
If you suffer from any chronic illness or other ailments, it is vital to talk to your primary healthcare practitioner before setting sail. Ask your doctor forprescriptions to any medications you need. Pack enough medicine for your trip. If you can’t stock up, find a way to get them once you arrive at your destination.

2. Register at your embassy

Not many people consider registering at their home country’s embassy before traveling. Typically, countries do not require their citizens to register before taking a trip abroad. However, it is a safety precaution that should be considered, especially if you are going to a country that may have ongoing civil unrest.
Registering at the embassy simply means that your government can find and contact you if there is a need to leave a foreign state immediately.

3. Call your bank

People usually spend a bit more on vacations. If you plan on using credit or debit cards while overseas, foreign transactions will, of course, show up on your financial statements. Banks can immediately cancel or prevent you from using your cards if they see that abnormal activity is taking place.
Losing access to your credit or debit cards while on an international vacation is not fun. You will need sufficient funds during your stay. So contact your bank and inform them of your trip abroad right away.

4. Look up exchange rates

While you are at the bank, ask someone about exchange rates. You may be able to convert some money there as well.
Monetary conversion can get tricky when you are abroad. There will likely be businesses that exchange foreign currency, but the rates may vary. So make sure to ask someone you can trust about local transactions before you leave.

5. Backup all your important documentation

Documents are essential when it comes to international vacations. Majority of it proves who you are, where you came from, and what you are doing in a foreign country. Below is a list of travel papers that you must keep safe while abroad:
       Plane tickets
       Accommodations (i.e., hotel booking, a letter written by the person you are staying with)
       Driver’s license
       Copy of your birth certificate

6. Do your homework

Research is vital in everything, including travel. Make sure to learn about local sites and popular tourist destinations to fit in your itinerary. Look up some events, like festivals, that might be happening during your visit. For the more adventurous, pick a place where you could explore on your own and maybe interact with the locals.

7. Study up on local culture

It’s always best to know a little bit about where you are going. Learn about the people, their traditions and values before you go. It might score you some brownie points with them, and you might make new friends.

8. Gather essential travel tools

When going to an entirely new country that you don’t know much about, make sure to stock up on some travel tools that could make navigating around and communicating easier. Some essential ones include guidebooks, language dictionaries, and translator apps.

9. Plan for an extended stay

The hustle and bustle of everyday life should not follow you on vacation. Give yourself some time to do a little bit of everything in the mysterious, exotic location you’ve chosen to explore. Go on outdoor adventures, relax indoors, take tours for foreigners, and maybe even wander around without purpose. It’s important that you allow yourself enough time to do everything that you want to do. The amount of time you spend on vacation may be limited to when flights are available, although you could avoid this by using a company like Jettly to find a private jet charter. When you fly with a private jet, you can essentially choose the exact time and date that you arrive and leave, ensuring you are in charge of your own vacation time.

10. Splurge on accommodation

Accommodation is an important part of planning an extended vacation. After all, it will be your home away from home for quite a bit. You might want to find a place with luxury hotel services and facilities, like a wellness spa or a gym.
You may find that some of the more extravagant places are quite practical and provide everything an expat traveler might need. Besides 24-hour services and a concierge, a hotel could also offer airport transfers and pickups, money conversion facilities, local tours, and maybe even car rental services.
So splurge a little and look for a place that can satisfy your needs and expectations.

Enjoy your travel abroad

Some people who go on international vacations do so to get a broader perspective in life, or be able to explore new locations. Others simply want to get away from it all; to relax, switch off and unwind.
Whatever your reason for going on an overseas holiday, follow the tips above and embark on a carefree exploration of the world.
  1. Unknown 4 years ago

    All of these are great tips on travel! The one I forget the most often is to call my bank. I can't tell you how many times I have had to try to figure out why my cards aren't working while traveling.

  2. The accommodation can make a big difference to how the holiday goes. I like to have a nice hotel to stay in myself. Great suggestions.

  3. Monidipa Dutta 4 years ago

    All these r great steps to remember when visiting abroad. I love your last point. At the end we need to enjoy.

  4. Dragon Sunsets 4 years ago

    Thank you for listing these down in a post. Traveling internationally is both fun and scary at the same time. Preparation and planning must be carefully done to make the trip a memorable one.

  5. Kemi 4 years ago

    Great tips! I do all this except splurge on luxury accommodation lol. I've stayed in 3* hotels and hostels too and I love exploring local culture.

  6. These are all great tips and good to keep in mind! I don't ever think about all of these things when I travel, but they make perfect sense and it is a good way to protect yourself. I will be incorporating this from now on, thanks for the reminder!

  7. Best Review Group 4 years ago

    These are all great useful travel tips. I would like to thank you for the efforts you have made in writing this post. Keep it up.

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