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Why Is Our Smile So Important To Our Confidence


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The subject of your smile is, to many people, an uncomfortable one. Simply put, a lot of people aren’t confident in their smile, but this also means that they don’t have as much confidence in themselves as they could. After all, without the confidence to smile freely and emote how and why we please, then we have to always be checking in on ourselves, controlling, and suppressing our own actions. Here, we’re going to look at a few steps we can take to improve our smile.

Smiling can improve your mindset

Now, like a lot of people, you might hate being told to “smile,” and for good reason. When someone says it to you on the sidewalk, it’s more of a harassment than any concern for your own wellbeing. But the science suggests that simply practising smiling can be genuinely good for your own health, as well as making you attractive. It relieves stress, releases neurotransmitters that affect our mood positively like dopamine, and even lowers our blood pressure a bit.

Bite the bullet

For a lot of people, the answer behind why they don’t like their smile is one thing: their teeth. From discolouration to damage, there are a lot of reasons you might not feel too happy about your teeth. But nowadays there are tons of accessible cosmetic treatments, such as dental veneers, that can help you drastically alter the appearance of your teeth. Even if you’ve been suffering from problems for years or decades, there’s a lot that a good cosmetic dentist can do to swing things back in your favour.

Dress your smile up

There are ways to make your smile even more impactful, as well. This is especially true when it comes to lipstick. However, in your day to day, you might not want showstopping lips, but a little bit of appearance enhancement. Choosing the best lipstick shade for you can give you a much more consistent and subtle upgrade, heightening the power of your smile but without drawing too much attention to it. Working to your own natural palette can help you find the perfect look when it comes to all makeup, not just lipstick.

Find your best angle

Do you hate how you smile in photos? A lot of us have been there and a lot of us get over it specifically by figuring out the best angle that we photograph in. Instead of facing the camera head-on, a good profile shot can add a lot of depth and enhance the contours of your smile so it’s a lot more appealing. Also, don’t worry too much about how much you look like your photographs. 2D images tend to be a slightly off interpretation of the real thing so you can be sure you look a little different at least.

Whether you’re afraid of smiling because you don’t feel comfortable doing it, you don’t think you have a nice one, or you need a little work on your teeth, these are all problems with practical solutions. Hopefully, the tips above help you find them.

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