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YouTube SEO For Music Promotion By The Organic Audience


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Hi! It’s Ayesha here. 

This is a gig I’m working on for YouTube SEO for music promotion. You are in the right place if you want to expand your YouTube channel and increase traffic to it. I’ll try my best to help your channel expand and your video go viral.

What Will I Provide For You?

Optimize Video With Best Tag And Description. Research Channel and Video and Find The Best Tag for Rank for music promotion. Optimize The Title and add a Super Subscription link in the Description Box.

Optimize Description and add your Social Media live link.

Add end screen and card, Sub Button.

Add super pinned comment and super subscription link.

Give you tips on how to grow the Channel.

Solve if you have any issues on your Channel.

Share your content on social media & Run social ads,

Drive traffic from suggested videos for YouTube Music Promotion,

Get more audiences & Gain more engagement for the channel,

How I will promote Your Video?

* Email list, Newsletter Share your Link

* Iframe embedding

* web 2.0

What You Will Get

Rank Video ( Need Time, Ranking is not one-night magic

Large Number Audience

High retention / Watch time.

Around 3-5% subscriber conversion rate.

a sizable audience

high watch time and retention.

Conversion of new subscribers is between 3-5%.

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