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 1. Establish a relationship with your audience

Increase your YouTube subscriber count and promote your music online by listening to subscribers and developing relationships with them. To start a conversation, we suggest that you “like” or “comment” on particular posts. You can simply manage your profile, make playlists, and respond to comments on the go with the YouTube Studio app to advertise YouTube video. Additionally, you can use community postings to keep in touch with your new fans while teasing upcoming videos and discussing any updates you may have. These entries can be written in regular text or include polls, videos, GIFs, playlists from YouTube, and even photos.

2. Work with other creatives and artists

There are many excellent artists and creators on YouTube who desire to gain more exposure on the site. Collaborating with other people and combining fan bases is a terrific method to reach more people. Any suggestion can increase traffic to your YouTube channel to advertise YouTube video and increase the number of subscribers you have, whether it be a strictly musical cooperation or something more all-encompassing with a platform creator. Use the email address listed in the ‘About’ tab of the channel or the social media sites to get in touch with the artists and creators you want to collaborate with.

3. Use YouTube to promote your other channels

You may increase the visibility of your other platforms by using YouTube! Each video you upload serves as an advertisement for your music, and the description field lets you mention your other channels to Promote Your Music Video On YouTube. To maintain this connection with your fan base, feel free to include a cross-platform link in your bio and at the conclusion of the descriptions under your videos . You may just publish teasers and urge fans to follow you on Spotify or YouTube Music, for instance, to locate all of your tracks as soon as they are available, to promote a forthcoming release or clip. To continue growing your community across all of your platforms, don’t forget to include connections to your social networks!

4. Upload your video to well-known YouTube channels

A wonderful strategy to promote your most recent track and attract viewers to your personal YouTube channel is to stream your music to well-known Youtube channels. Numerous, in every musical genre, and some curators even offer to post the lyrics or stage the songs with animations. Ask the channel manager via their email—which is frequently listed in the “about” tab—if you have any questions about whether a placement is paid or not.

Additionally, Groover allows you to publish your music directly to YouTube channels! You can get a response from a music industry expert in less than 7 days, it’s affordable, highly successful at increasing visibility, and, most importantly, you can be confident that your music will be heard! Find the list of people you can contact on Groover. Your account also gives you access to more than 1,000 channels, playlists, radio stations, media outlets, record labels, etc.

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