Loving Yourself After Love Gone Wrong

Loving Yourself After Love Gone Wrong: Moving On After A Difficult Break-Up


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We all know hard a break-up can be, and whether you are dealing with anxiety right now or you are viewing this is the first day of the rest of your life, there are so many ways in which to move on. Some people feel that they can’t move on right away, but others feel that they’ve got to rid themselves of the past. But whatever the circumstances, the fallout after the break-up can prove tiresome and difficult. What can you do to ensure that you move on, but also give yourself that love you deserve after a difficult time?

Play The Field

Sometimes we just need to feel that we are attractive, that there are other people out there that respect us for who we are. While online dating is is the most obvious method, some of us may not feel that we should jump into this world. But there are so many different dating websites out there, from Arab dating sites to the more hook-up oriented ones, you can get yourself back out there and see what the world is like. If you’ve been away from the dating scene for a long time, it can be a little bit of a shock, but always remember that you don’t need to “play the field” if you don’t want to. It’s just as important for you to give yourself time, rather than jump right in.

Practice Self-Care

Perhaps you have spent so long devoting yourself to the other person that you’ve lost all sight of who you are. Whatever you’ve gone through it is important to reframe that focus back onto yourself. Self-care is the perfect way for you to truly get back to who you are and give yourself a big cuddle. Do those things that you’ve always wanted to do, but felt that you couldn’t for whatever reason. And when you are going through a bad day or feeling that you are hitting a rough patch, treat yourself! Go on a spa day, or do what you need to do that will make you get back in touch with who you are again. Looking after yourself isn’t difficult when you know how. It’s just about doing the things that you want to do, no one else.

Enjoy The Silence

A lot of what makes people worry about a break-up is the fact that they are on their own. But these days more and more people are happier with their own company. In fact, many thrive on it! The great thing about surviving a break-up is that you learn to become comfortable with silence. You may be someone that has never been anywhere by yourself because you think that it’s “sad,” but we urge you to go and try it! The fact of the matter is that going somewhere you want, doing things in your own time, and enjoying the silence is a wonderful pastime. You may never go back!

Part of moving on after a break-up is about getting over the initial shock, even if you instigated it, but after that, it’s about learning to get back in contact with who you are again. 

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