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Top Fashion Trends for Men 2019


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Fashion trends are changing rapidly. New signature styles and trends are released each year by the fashion industry. And most of the guys who find it difficult to follow the rapidly evolving styles fall prey to following fashion tips suggested by some random websites that are often misleading.
If you are among the guys who want to follow the latest fashion trends in order to keep themselves updated then you are in the right place. You don’t need to look for fashion tips from some random website.

This article will give you a comprehensive detail of the fashion trends for the year 2017:

1.     Retro wear:
Yes! The style from 1970s is back to give you a distinct custom look. The most important element that has emerged from the 1970’s style and has taken hold of the majority of the outfits is the rusty brown color. Different shades of orange in loose-fitting shirts are also becoming the top-rated fashion trend for the year 2017.
For the ultimate 70’s look match a two-piece tracksuit, nylon jumper, and tobacco brown or Comfortable Chinos or burnt orange prints in luxury fabrics, and to top this look you can use a vintage leather bomber.
2.     White has always been in style:
This isn’t news, is it? White has always been in trend. The white color not only gives you a graceful look but it is also attributed as a style power play. It is counted as the most basic versatile item you must have in your closet as it can pair up exceptionally well with the majority of the pieces. Like you can look fabulous in an all-white outfit or you can look equally gorgeous by pairing it up with some light color. To give a more relaxed white look you can pair up a white shirt from with its sleeves rolled up with some jeans and top this look with a touch of style using black sunglasses!
3.     Red is always a yes:
We all know that the red color always looks hot. You can use different shades of red for different occasions. Like, use the more subtle shade of red for formal events and brighter shades for casual occasions.
4.     The monochrome rocks:
Monochromes are a perfect choice for a casual weekend look. Be creative! Look for unique patterns, simple bolds, or lines in monochromes, and choose the monochrome that best compliments your personality. Wear it with confidence.
5.     Check the checks:
The fashion of wearing checks started off as quite subtle but now with each passing year it is becoming bolder and bolder as guys have gained confidence in pulling this outfit together. You can apply checks to everything from a shirt to jacket to trousers but checked suits jackets are the latest in trend.
6.     Printed T-shirts:
Printed T-shirts always look cool on young guys but for the year 2017 you have to keep it simple. Pair up your printed shirt with something smarter like a well-fitted chinos and you are all good to go.  
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