African Shea butter

5 Hacks of African Shea Butter That You Should Know About


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Have you heard of African Shea Butter?
Are you a frequent user of this super-food for hair and skin?
Pure unrefined African Shea butter is extracted from the nuts of the Shea tree.  

There are two major types, such as:

1.     Refined Shea butter
2.     Unrefined Shea butter, used the most

Benefits and Uses:

It is a highly recommended natural skincare and hair-care product around the world. It is used for its various uses and benefits on the health of the skin and hair, such as:
  • As a cuticle cream
  • Makes the skin glowing and radiant
  • Makes the hair shinny and smooth
  • Rejuvenates the quality of the skin and hair
  • A perfect sunscreen body butter, which protects the skin from the harmful UV rays of the Sun
  • Good for dry skin, rashes, scars and stretch marks et-cetera
  • Helps to treat skin diseases like eczema and dermatitis et-cetera
  • It is also used on the face before applying makeup
  • It is available as a cream, salve, lotion and body butter
Have you used Shea Butter for Skin Lightening purposes?
It is rich in Vitamin E, A, and F, which helps in providing a beautiful skin and hair to the user.
Different Hacks of African Shea Butter
Shea butter is in high demand around the globe because of its many uses and benefits; making it impossible for any individual, who cares for their skin, to not use it on their skin or hair.

Few of the Shea butter hacks can be explained as follows:

  • As a Face Mask
Shea butter face masks are a big thing in the world nowadays. African Shea butter, when mixed with honey and essential oils, makes one of the best natural face masks to remove the dead skin and provide the skin with all the needed nutrients; making it glowing and radiant. These masks are homemade masks, which can be applied 1-2 times every week or as per the desire of the individual.
  • As a Hair Conditioner
Shea butter is known as a super-food for hair because of its beneficial results on the hair of the individual. An individual can avoid using their toxic conditioner and use this natural hair conditioner to positively condition the hair. The minerals and vitamins contained in the butter, allows it to make the hair voluminous, shiny and protects it from the harmful environment or cosmetic products.
  • As a treatment for Eczema and Dermatitis
This natural extract is not just a usual cream or lotion; rather, it is applied on severe skin conditions like eczema and dermatitis to not just reduce its symptoms, but treat it completely. Regular use can even cure these skin conditions and few others as well. It has some amazing medicinal properties.
  • As a Body Butter
The most common use of African Shea butter is as a body butter, which is applied on the whole body, to avail its benefits on the whole body. It is literally an all-rounder, when it comes to creams and salves because it can be applied from head to toe; improving the quality of the skin and hair; without being toxic in its ingredients. This body butter is popular all around the world because of its negligible side effects and innumerable benefits.
  • As an ointment for Stretch Marks or Red Nose
Red nose is simply the condition of the nose after cold or flu. The constant wiping removes moisture from the skin and makes it red & painful. Shea butter is used to bring back the moisture and remove the painful element from around the nose; making it less red (normal). It is applied on stretch marks because of its medicinal properties, which allow it to lighten up the marks and in some cases, even cure it completely.

Use at Your Own Risk:

The negligible side effects depends on the skin type of the individual. Every individual has different types of skin and it is not correct to say that Shea butter will suit all the types, but it has not yet affected any particular type as well.
Individuals shall use it at their own risk and start from a little. If their skin is accepting the body butter, then they shall go ahead and try out different hacks and uses to avail all the benefits.

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