3 Paths to Sell Your Diamonds! Know Now!


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Do you want to sell diamonds or other precious stones?
Are you looking for a trustworthy buyer?
Do you want to Buy or Sell Diamonds?
Do you wish to sell your jewelry at a decent rate?
Diamonds are often considered a woman’s best friend since ages. Every woman love diamonds and want to own at least one or always more in their entire life. Though, there are many happy memories associated with beautiful jewelry like a marriage proposal or special date gifts.
Selling them could be a tough and emotional decision to make, but there are times, when it is needed the most like poor financial situations. Reselling old jewelry requires the individual to first do a little research to understand the current state of the market and the right price for that particular piece, to know its true worth.
An old saying states– A diamond is forever; which simply means that it is passed on from generation to generation i.e. from grandmother to your mother to you; the worth depending on the jewelry item and the state of the market. It is not an easy task to Buy or Sell diamonds or other precious stones because of their purity and rarity.

Where and How to Sell the Diamonds:

To The Retailer or The Jeweler
If you are trying to sell your diamond jewelry to the retailer you bought them from, then it is a good chance to get most of your money back because he would know what the actual purity percentage is. There is no surety of making a profit, but making a loss is a common scene. Most retailers give a buyback policy and thus it could be better deal. The retailers may give you 80-85% of the original price.
Many sites also offer the same buyback policy. It is just that if you had bought it at a discounted rate, then the price fetched for that would be even lesser than that.
Going to a new jeweler is more of a loss because they only pay 1/3rd or 1/5th of the original price.
Selling Them Online
If you wish to sell them online only, then there are many authenticated buyer websites that can even purchase engagement rings and other accessories. They offer a better price because of their low maintenance cost, as compared to a jewelry store and they also offer deals for other cheaper accessories or barter deals as well.
diamond rings 
Selling In Market
Diamonds are unbreakable and due to this reason they are used in industries as well. Reselling them in markets can be a huge loss to you because diamonds are considered to be cheap in such markets. The quality of diamond is considered on its color, cut and carat. As for industry purposes, the diamonds which are used are colorless and that help them perform their purpose. Diamonds in an industry can be sold at a low price of $2. So this deal is pretty detrimental to resell at such a place.
Sell It Yourself
There are many websites where jewelry can be sold at realistic-desired prices as well. Such websites does not confirm the sale-time, but allow you to input your own amount.
One other option is to sell it to your friends or families. This option is the best because there are no complexities or technicalities; even the rates can be manipulated.
Wherever you sell your diamonds, make sure you are verifying everything because even one mistake can lead to losing the diamonds at an inexpensive price.

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