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When the talk comes down to men and fashion, the things get quite heated. While on one hand, a thoroughly planned out outfit with complementing hair and beard may bring the stakes very high for fellow species, but on the contrary, where the larger percentage of the people are concerned, men don’t really get to the point where it’s all perfect. They either overdo it taking inspiration from the men’s fashion week where the trends introduced are not preferably admired in real life. Or, they try to act too cool to even try getting dressed up appropriately. Either way, we’re happy to help because we’d really like to see men with perfect faces with attire equally appealing. It’s time to groom men instead of focusing solely on women’s clothing and her sense of style; it has become a question of who needs it more.

Fashion trends for men in 2017:

The phenomenon to consider is simple as the metaphor, not all the fingers of one hand are of the same length. We totally agree because similarly, not every fashion trend introduced for the year ahead is appropriate enough to follow. This world is same as ours when it comes to choices; you pick what you like and reject what’s absurd. 2017 has seen some amazing trends that are definitely going to last for a couple of years more, while others were cringe-worthy. But only good things in life should be remembered, and the best trends to mention are as following:


From vintage look to sportswear, stripes and checks, blazers and overall, everything has been pretty much on point this year. To say, this year’s menswear fashion trends were sinfully natty and up-to-the-minute is justified. All of the revived clothing and new products of experimenting has taken its toll on men, and they have been doing a little overboard. That is why; this article is to help them out to figure out one thing for one time is more than enough and groovy, no need to try them all at once.


We can never get enough of admiring checks. They are a perfect treat for the eyes and look deliciously attractive on men. The good part is, they are much diversified, to begin with. You can wear a button-up shirt with a checks pattern or simply rock check-printed slacks. The slim-fitted check blazer is icing on the cake, satisfying our never-ending appetite for check prints. Just after their origin and decades after that, the check prints were subtle and lighter to make a statement. But, 2017 has brought some major changes in its style. Check prints have seen a breakthrough over the course of years, bringing multiple sized checks, bold lines or lighter lines on many different colors than formerly opted for. Not just nudes, but brighter and darker hues are used to make the check print stand out.

Printed t-shirts:

When talking about trends, summer trends are a must to discuss; it is the most versatile season to try out new trends and outfits, as nothing is too much. Summer brings a creative side out of the people, making an introduction to their style, attire, and attitude. Printed t-shirts are forever in style, can never be out-dated. They are the complete package ensuring style with comfort. For beating the summer intense heat, thin linen shirts with short sleeves and a round neck is a perfect go-to choice as nothing about it adds up the heat. The short sleeves and absence of a collar make sure to make room for an entrance of the air. Whereas, funky prints stamped on the front make it more formal and less casual to rock it outside on a date, hang-out with friends or a family get-together.


image of shoes
No outfit is complete without the matching and addition of perfect shoes. Good shoes bring out the best in you, makes you feel confident about yourself. Moreover, it is quite a famous saying that when you want to figure out a person’s sense of style, always look at his shoes. Quite an impression it makes.


Snazzy, mod and contemporary is what we always think when someone says loafers. They are the best kind of shoes, always on point, extremely versatile and easily affordable; they add the final touches to your outfit to make it look remarkable charming. The shades which give a kicky sharp edge to the already spiffy shoes are black, camel, brown and dark blue. The new, improved and stylish revamping done to the loafers is a folded down back. It creates a mixture of style with formal sophistication, producing a funky yet refined look.


While loafer gives a chic but a formal touch to the outfit which obviously cannot be worn for running, hiking and long walking trails. Sneakers have been proving to be life-saving since forever, always coming to the rescue when nothing else works out. The new trend to definitely try out this year is the white sneaker. The absence of colors makes the sneaker prominent, sharp and cool. Especially in summers, the white or nude-colored sneaker is a delight to pair-up with shorts and powder blue button-shirt, producing the perfect outfit ever!

Hairstyle Using the best pomade:

This is a bit difficult domain to choose; as there are lots of hairstyle trends of 2017 we fell in love with. It has been a good, productive and creative year for the evolution of hairstyles. Our best pick is: using a hair pomade. when it comes to styling men’s hair, pomade is something I like to hear. It’s easy to use and give you an extra edge look. If you are looking, here is a guide on finding the best pomade by beardmantra blog. The side part of the pompadour: Caution! This combination is extremely deadly and may cause heart flutters when seen on a man. The side part has a trendy but formal touch to it. It is a hairstyle that can be worn for casual occasions as well as for formal meetings. The pomp (the thick portion of the parted hair that is styled backward) is the up-to-date fashion of a recent couple of years imparting a nifty, smart and voluminous look to the wearer.


beard image
What is presentable without the beard flawlessly groomed? No doubt, it is an important area to consider and look for where men are considered. Many different styled looks of beards have been trending, but what caught our eyes is: Thick and short: this kind of beard suits all the cuts and shapes of faces, whether square, round, heart or long. The thick and short refers to the kind where the beard’s length is short, it only projects down to an inch or two from the jaw where the edge is cut in a rounded shape. The beard mingles with the sideburns and is angled diagonally across the cheek to join the other side of the beard on the chin. Moustache is connected by thin lines on both the sides with the beard to complete the look. Go & take a look at the most popular facial hair style for 2017 here.


Accessories add the finish to the process if done properly. There is one basic rule when opting for accessories: an excess of anything is bad. The point is, go easy on the extra addition to enhance the effect, not mask it.


Safe to play, handy and an essential. It is both trendy and a basic need of men. The 2017 special trending sunglasses we loved have extra thick and bold frames with a tinge of color on the glass. Different funky patterns were also seen on people rocking them. In our opinion, it is a great change to modernize the conventional, regular and ordinary glasses. Read this sunglass guide for more info.


The stated trends are what were the best and most followed by everyone. The fashion industry did justice to us by introducing some amazing, enthralling, on fleek trends. While the discussed ones are appropriate and easy to follow, but everyone is different. Many other trends and outfits are there which may look awesome on one man and may look boring, monotonous and lifeless on the other. The key to keep shining is to keep experimenting with your style. Look for trends and try them to see if they are for you. To sum it up, keep following and never give up. The trendy is what stays on the ramp of this world. The others are disqualified!

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