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Almost 95% persons around the world use internet nowadays to communicate, share their photos, video’s, moods, and locations with their loved one. The most loved app what’s app is used by over 1 Billion people’s daily. What’s app is having many features that’s why it is standing ahead of all other social media platforms.

As we all want to stand out of crowd we also look out some unique status so that when people see our status and get attracted. It is not easy to find out status for your what’s app. But we have a blog named Whatsstatus which stand out from all the crowd.


At Whatsstatus you will find the unique WhatsApp status and WhatsApp videos and they are updated daily. It is having more than 60 categories of status Like Love, Romance, Life, Happy, Sad, Friendship etc. They have compiled some best status of all the feelings and emotions to express in any shape to catch attractions. They are having more than 70k writers who write status daily; a total number of status published till now is 21k. And the best thing I Found about Whatstatus is that they pay to writers for writing status. So if you have some unique status you can share with the world by signup on their website and submit your status and get paid. (P.S You will earn by doing something which we do to make us happy.)

Hope you guys all will like it. Please share it with your loved ones and friends. You can share your status ideas in a comment section below.

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