Make Your Bedroom Cozier

10 Effective Tips on How to Make Your Bedroom Cozier


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A bedroom tends to be one of the most important places in the house as you fall asleep and wake up there. However, a cozy bedroom can make your dreams sweet and pleasant. In order to change the appearance of your bedroom, it is not necessary to seek designers or spend a lot of money on trendy furniture. You can do it by yourself with these

10 effective tips on how to make your bedroom cozier

1. Create a mini library

Books can make the bedroom’s atmosphere much warmer and cozier. It doesn’t matter if your bedroom has floor-to-ceiling bookshelf space or you can only place a stack of books on the bedside table. If your bedside tables don’t have enough shelves, consider exchanging them for tables with shelves. You can also place books on a bench, chest at the foot of the bed, or place a small bookcase under the windowsill.

2. Keep spare blankets in a wicker basket

In order to cover yourself while reading or to wrap yourself up warmer on a cold night, it’s always good to have a few spare blankets. However, it is not actually comfortable, when they lay somewhere in the closet or on the bed. A wicker basket is good both as an element of bedroom decor and as a place to store blankets.

3. Lay a wool rug on the floor

A warm wool rug can protect you from the cold coming from the floor and add color to the interior at the same time. You can choose lint-free carpets with a colorful oriental pattern. In order to create a complicated image in the bedroom, you can also put cushion covers with the same pattern on the pillows.

4. Paint the walls in a warm shade

A warm shade on the walls will create a cozy atmosphere in the bedroom. If you prefer neutral shades, you will not go wrong by choosing a coffee or chocolate brown shade. However, if you like colorfulness, you can also use a bolder shade like peach or even pink? A deeper pink color looks surprisingly exquisite especially in combination with balancing black accent elements and an oriental-style carpet.

5. Decorate the mirror with a Christmas lights

Christmas lights with small bulbs are a quick and easy way to make the atmosphere of the bedroom cozier than ever. Wrap a mirror with a garland of tiny bulbs around the edges so that their light is reflected in it. This vague shining will emphasize the warm mood of your bedroom and can become a great night light.

6. Lay a soft carpet near the bed

It is much easier to get up to the ringing of the alarm clock in the cold morning if you put your feet onto a soft carpet. It could be a rug made of sheep’s skin (natural or artificial) or any carpet with a thick soft pile. If your bedroom already has a thinner lint-free carpet, you can lay a small carpet directly on top of it. A large fleecy carpet that occupies a significant part of the floor will help make your bedroom significantly warmer.

7. Add warm orange accent elements

The interior of the bedroom, which is performed in white shades is easier to adjust with the changing seasons. All you need to do is only to put new covers on the bed pillows and add a blanket of the desired shade. Orange and red-orange accent elements will remind of the warm autumn coloring of the leaves outside the window.

8. Arrange a cozy place for reading near the window

If you are fond of reading, it is essential to take care of enough lighting. Move the chair closer to the windows where you can sit, enjoying the sunlight with a book and a cup of coffee. With sheep’s skins on the windowsill and soft fleecy carpet on the floor, your bedroom will offer many warm cozy corners for relaxation.

9. Refresh paintings or pictures decorating your walls

Regardless of whether you are a collector of genuine paintings, art photos, or more accessible reproductions, updating the decor is a great way to add a cozy atmosphere to your bedroom. In the summer, you can hang a picture with a beach plot on the wall. In the autumn, it would be better to change the picture to something resembling a forest.

10. Apply different texture layers in bedding

Use silk, velveteen, and linen to create cozy texture layers on the bed. Stick to similar colors, the shades of which are nearby on the color wheel. For example, you can use pale green, blue, and lilac colors to create a relaxed atmosphere. In order to create a rustic style, use layers of thick linen or thin cotton sheets with cozy woolen bedspreads and knitted woolen pillow covers.