Causes of White Hair

5 Causes of White Hair and Ways to Prevent it


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Among the many hair problems that today’s youth faces, one of the main ones is the spread of prematurely white hair. People as young as teenagers are now experiencing this issue and how to prevent white hair from spreading is a common query. Premature greying of hair is a reflection of many bodily disbalances and causes one to look several years older than they actually are. Not only does it make you look older, the loss of melanin pigmentation deteriorates overall hair health.

The need to retain natural hair colour and glow is the main reason many tend to fall for farce hair care schemes. However, if you want to learn how to prevent white hair from spreading, it is best you get your information from authentic sources like Traya. The spread of white hair happens due to multiple reasons, so here are

5 of them and ways to control them:

  1. Stress: Stress has a negative impact on the stem cells responsible for hair pigmentation, leading to white hair. This is one of the main reasons among the youth, as daily life is often very hectic with major real-life stressors that affect melanin levels in your hair.
  1. Smoking: Smoking reduces the blood flow to your hair follicles, hence reducing the supply of nutrients. This happens because smoking constricts blood vessels.
  1. Thyroid Disease: The thyroid gland is responsible for many bodily functions, including hair colour. It is important to maintain healthy thyroid levels, but in the disease, this is not quite possible. Underactive and overactive thyroid glands tend to produce less melanin.
  1. Genetics: This is the reason majorly responsible for premature white hair. If you have a family history of premature greying, it is likely that you will experience it, too.
  1. Chemical Products or Heat: Chemical products like hair dyes or bleach contain many harmful chemicals that will cause your hair to go white over time. The same applies to excess use of heating products like curlers, straighteners, etc.


It is important to remember that ways of prevention and cure of white hair wholly depend on its causes. You can visit a doctor to determine the correct cause for white hair while you take the following measures to prevent the spread:

  • Diet: A healthy diet is important to maintain healthy hair. This should include vitamins and minerals like copper, iron and zinc-rich foods like nuts, lentils, red meat, citrus fruits, etc.
  • Supplements: If you are unable to get the required nutritional intake through food, biotin, vitamin B-6, and vitamin B-12 supplements work well.
  • Home Remedies: Massaging essential oils into your scalp and hair packs made from organic ingredients like ghee, amla, coconut oil, etc., offer deep nourishment.
  • Cutting Back on Substances: As smoking has been proven injurious to hair health, cutting back on it can help.

With the above tips on how to prevent white hair from spreading, you can take better care of your hair and allow it to look its age. Learn more about this from Traya and flaunt your stunning, rich hair colour without any worries!

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