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The spiciest controversy we love is about skincare. Skincare has become so popular these days that it automatically attracts many queries and controversies. There are loads of products available in the market, but first, you need to understand the usage and benefits of the particular product. Going with the trend is another latest trend, but a big no for skincare. Before the discussion begins, you should know that two people may not share the same skin type so why the same products? However, you should choose products according to your skin type and vividly understand the use and benefit of the most necessary products in your skincare cabinet. Here the showtime begins, let’s talk about the most essential, yet confusing, products-

The difference between facial serum and moisturizer:


Facial serums are non-greasy and light-textured that work to repair and replenish the skin cells by penetrating deep down. Penetration into the skin is easy for serums due to their highly potent formulations(thinner inconsistency). The active ingredients go a long way to provide you with a wide range of varieties that helps you with different types of skincare issues. For example, there are a lot of serums in the market for different purposes like- skin brightening, anti-aging, and acne prevention.


Moisturizers are cream-based, thicker in consistency, and skin hydrating agents. Moisturizers have larger molecules so they don’t penetrate deeper into the skin layers but stay at the surface layer of the epidermis (top layer of the skin), work on hydrating, and preventing loss of moisture from the skin. The moisturizer also acts as a physical barrier to keep hydration in and environmental irritants out as it sits on the top layer of the skin.

Now the question arises do you have to use serums daily and the answer is serums that are made up of natural ingredients without any harsh chemicals can be used daily.

Do you have to use both of them together?

It completely depends on your skin type: if you have very dry skin, then go for both of them because you need both inner replenishment and outer protection. This combination will also take care of your fine lines, hydration, and pigmentation.

What to apply first?

You have to apply the serum first just after cleansing and toning, right. Then follow up with a moisturizer to lock in the hydration.

It is now clear that they both are different, but they both have an important role to play for your skin. The secret to flawless skin is, you have to decide according to your skin type. Facial serums are thinner in consistency, so they penetrate easily into your skin, but they lack sealing properties, whereas moisturizer lacks to penetrate deep into the skin but leave your skin moisturized for a long run as it also locks hydration in. Facial serums replenish and repair while moisturizer protects you from environmental damages. Check out Deyga’s organic range of natural facial serums that you can stick to every day and night to get a glow like never before. These serums are handcrafted and contain no synthetic chemicals. Get your nature’s dose in the guise of these serums regularly! The good news is, there is

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