Curbside: Running A Delivery Business In The Wake Of COVID-19


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The recent outbreak of COVID-19 has forced many businesses to change the way that they operate. To avoid closing their doors for months, some have turned their attention online, though this isn’t the only route you can go down. For retail businesses that rely on regular local customers, dropping the shop and offering curbside delivery services could be a much better option. You will have the opportunity to save a lot of money this way while retaining the local reputation you’ve built, but how exactly should you approach this? This article will be exploring some of the tools you’re going to need to set this up.

Your Website & Social Media

As you move your business into the delivery space, you’re going to need a way to let all of your old customers know that they can still shop with you. Your website can be a good place for this, though it will be best if you already have something that can be updated, as people are more likely to find this. If you don’t have a website or lack the resources to make one, making pages on social media and posting on local community groups can be an excellent way to reach out to people in your area. Of course, though, you have to make sure that you’re not breaking the rules of the groups you join when you do this.

Taking Payments

Cash can be a very dangerous tool when a virus is being spread. In fact, viruses like the flu often get transmitted through money, and this is something you need to be aware of when you’re running a business like this. Solving this problem can be as simple as finding a company that will enable you to accept credit card payments from anywhere. Contactless payments don’t come with the same problems as cash, and modern networking services make it possible to connect wireless card readers to the internet without having to be in a specific building.

Managing Deliveries

The hardest part of a job like this is always going to be managing the deliveries you have to make. You will need to plan the fastest route around your local area, while also ensuring that you are able to reach everyone within a day. There are loads of tools out there that can be used to plan and monitor your deliveries, and it’s always worth starting with something like this from the very beginning to make sure that you are used to it before you try and use it. Of course, as a big part of this, it’s always worth making sure that you let your customers know when you plan to make their deliveries.

With all of this in mind, you should be feeling ready to get started on the process of turning your retail business into a delivery one. This can give you the opportunity to save loads of money, while also making it possible to keep working during emergencies like a lockdown.

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